How to find all companions in Encased

More details Location, methods of obtaining and characteristics of all companions available in the game, unique weapons, skills, abilities and much more

You will travel the Encased world together with several companions, whom you can find in different locations. Below we consider all satellites, and also give the values ​​of their attributes.

There are 6 different companions in the game in total, and all of them can be recruited after you leave the base. Each companion has its own unique weapon that cannot be removed, however, using the workbench, it can be improved. You can add armor and relics to your companions’ equipment. The longer you travel with companions, the better they will treat you. Although respect can drop if you do things the character doesn’t like (like losing battles).

Only at the story level of difficulty, satellites cannot completely die. In other cases, you will have to use items to revive (set or skill revive / resurrect). And if you play in tactical mode, then ignoring this procedure for 50 turns will lead to the final death of a teammate.

How to recruit Yoko

Yoko is a robot that requires a fixer to heal. The quest for Yoko can be obtained from the scientist Akira Okawara, whom you will meet on the scientists floor of the Magellan station. Yoko herself is located in the Sonora storage bin. To accept Yoko into your squad, immediately after her release from the bunker, during the dialogue, select the option with the study of the wasteland. Communication skill level must be at least 60. Yoko specializes in heavy and advanced (high-tech) weapons.

Yoko’s characteristics:

  • Strength – 8
  • Attention – 10
  • Body – 2
  • Charisma – 8
  • Mind – 8
  • Agility – 8
  • Fortune – 1
  • Psycho – 1

As stated above, you can meet Yoko in the Sonora bunker. You can go there on assignment or even on your own, without any prompts. Yoko’s unique weapon is Shiroyama. It is a tactical rifle with a large range. Deals energy damage and requires energy cells. Yoko is unique in that it only has a rifle and nothing else, which means you can pick up all the other equipment as you see fit.

He specializes in heavy weapons, but does not mind using high-tech equipment, thanks to which he can switch to any ranged weapon. Her applied skills are low, which means that she is a fighting character, completely useless in actions such as hacking. Starting 8 action points can be increased to a maximum of 11. Saves 5 action points each turn.

How to recruit Crump

Find it in the Slums of the Suburb, inside the bar. This character copes well with enemies in hand-to-hand combat and when using light weapons.

Crump characteristics:

  • Strength – 10
  • Attention – 3
  • Body – 7
  • Charisma – 4
  • Mind – 6
  • Agility – 8
  • Fortune – 8
  • Psycho – 5

The first companion you can hire without a quest. All you need to do is help him in the Suburb bar (peacefully or by fighting, although Crump himself prefers violence). If he remains alive, then invite him to join your team.

Kramp’s unique weapon is the Vajra. It is a melee weapon that provides Crump with resistance to almost everything except physical damage (e.g. poison, burning). Crump is good at using melee weapons, but he does an excellent job with light weapons. He also invests points in the “Outlaw” ability, so he can help with picking locks. Has 9 starting action points, inflicts at least 2-3 hits per turn. Can delay 4 Action Points and increase to a maximum of 15.

How to recruit Fox

The fox should be found in the same slums of the Suburb, but in the arena. You can recruit a character after you defeat him (or rather her) in the arena.

Fox characteristics:

  • Strength – 4
  • Body – 7
  • Mind – 4
  • Fortune – 9
  • Attention – 6
  • Charisma – 5
  • Agility – 10
  • Psycho – 6

The Fox is a companion found in the Cave Arena in the Suburbs. To get there, you will have to take the Blood Bets quest (or by jumping inside when no one is looking). The Fox’s unique weapon is the Fang blade, which deals biochemical damage and grants the Fox +100 biochemical resistance. Thus, she is able to absorb almost all biochemical damage and simultaneously inflict it on opponents.

The fox is unique among the other companions in that it carries an additional weapon – a psi-gauntlet. This way, if her knife doesn’t handle the situation, she can use her psionic skills. In addition, this additional weapon can be replaced with something else. The main skill points are invested in melee weapons and psionics. Also has decent values ​​for survival and crime, but does not have a clear emphasis on any particular aspect.

Unlike other companions using melee weapons, Fox does not rely on the sheer damage of her blade. Instead, she focuses on critical damage, with virtually the highest Luck score of any companion. She also prefers to dodge incoming attacks rather than absorb damage like Crump.

By default, 10 action points are available, gets 10 each turn, that is, it can attack continuously. You can postpone 5 AP, but the maximum will be small – only 12.

How to recruit a sparrow

To get the Sparrow in your squad, go to the “Caravan” location. It is two hexes to the left and one hex higher from the Picnic location. This character uses light and psionic weapons.

Sparrow characteristics:

  • Strength – 6
  • Attention – 9
  • Body – 5
  • Charisma – 7
  • Mind – 5
  • Agility – 10
  • Fortune – 3
  • Psycho – 7

A companion that can be found at the “Caravan” location. You can do this just like that or according to the side quest “Dangerous Path”, which you get when you talk to Pyotr Zinchuk at any time after 00:00 in the neutral picnic zone.

Sparrow’s unique weapon is the Justice pistol, which deals biochemical damage and requires ammo for the pistol. Specializes in light weapons, but also invests heavily in psionics and medicine. As needed, he can heal the squad and switch between light weapons and psionic abilities.

Well balanced attributes. Despite the fact that it gets along well with light weapons, it also copes well with melee weapons if you suddenly run out of ammo. Thanks to a decent amount of health, it can withstand several hits. Can have a maximum of 15 action points, although each turn gets 9 and lays no more than 5 AP.

How to recruit Katarzyna Belitskaya

Look for Katarzhina in the “Suburb” location. Escort her to Magellan Station, and then chat on the Scientists Floor. Uses advanced (high-tech) weapons in combat, and also has good medical skills.

Katarzyna’s characteristics:

  • Strength – 1
  • Attention – 8
  • Body – 10
  • Charisma – 7
  • Mind – 10
  • Agility – 8
  • Fortune – 2
  • Psycho – 2

In fact, this is the first companion you can meet in the game. She will come up to you as soon as you get to the Suburb and ask you to escort her to Magellan. A few days after that, you will be able to include her in your team.

Katarzhina’s unique weapon is the Heart of My Ex-Cryolaser, which deals cryogenic damage and requires an energy cell. In addition to medicine and high-tech weapons, she also specializes in science, which allows her to use various high-tech weapons, as well as perform the duties of a medic or hacker. Starts with 8 action points, but can save them and has a limit of up to 20 AP.

How to recruit actor Jack

Look for the character in the “Abandoned Film Set” location. In battle, he uses edged weapons, various gadgets and devices. He is fluent in technique.

Jack’s characteristics:

  • Strength – 7
  • Attention – 4
  • Body – 10
  • Charisma – 10
  • Mind – 7
  • Agility – 8
  • Fortune – 8
  • Psycho – 5

Jolly Jack is a companion that you can find in the “Abandoned Film Set” location. You can do this on your own or according to the “Light, Cameras, Jack!” Quest. You can get a side quest from Tristan Langlois at the administrative level of Magellan.

Jack’s unique weapon is Mr. Hammer, which has no unique properties other than being a melee weapon. It is a blunt weapon that deals mechanical damage. Jack specializes in melee weapons and various tricks, which means he can use harpoons or teleports.

Most of the skills are invested in Applied Technique. Over time adds a few points to crime. Starts with 9 Action Points, gets the same each turn, and saves a maximum of 5. There can be a total of 18 AP.


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