How to find a neighbor’s wifi password on iphone

How to find a neighbor’s wifi password on iphone

Let’s find out together  How to find a neighbor’s wifi password on iphone , in our guide today.

For iPhone, almost no hacking tool works due to its security. But you can use practically all the tools after jailbreak your iPhone.

Jailbreak is not that easy, so we have discussed all the methods that work both on Jailbreak and on a regular iPhone. So read on if you want to enjoy free internet on your iPhone anywhere.

How to find a neighbor’s wifi password on iphone

Yes, you can hack WiFi password on non-jailbroken iPhone, but the success rate will not be as high as on jailbroken iPhone.

There is no direct option to hack WiFi password on iPhone; we have to install third party apps to hack WiFi.

see below  How to find a neighbor’s wifi password on iphone;

● WiFiAudit Pro

It is a WiFi hacking tool compatible with iOS 7 or later. It works best for routers that have not changed their default password because it has a dictionary of all the default router passwords. If the password of the router has been changed, there is no possibility of a successful hacker attack on that network using this application.

This is a perfect app for hacking almost all types of WiFi networks, so this way you can check the security of your WiFi router to detect possible hacking attempts.

This is the procedure to hack the WiFi password on your iPhone using this application.

  • Download and install WiFiAuditPro on your iPhone.
  • Open the app and turn on your WiFi.
  • Tap scan and it will scan all nearby WiFi networks. It also shows a lot of details about any WiFi network such as MAC address, IP address, location, and broadcast address, etc.
  • In the menu below, tap
  • Now after selecting the target network, start the attack.
  • If this router has its default password, it will join this network in no time.

● iWepPro

This is another great app to hack WiFi networks using your iPhone. It works with a slightly different mechanism. It can crack passwords for almost all global WiFi networks. It is compatible with iOS 8 and later.

You just need to check nearby systems and it will do its job.

This is the procedure for using IWebPro.

  • Download and install the IWebPro application on your iPhone.
  • Now turn on WiFi and your phone’s location.
  • Now open the IWebPro application.
  • Analyze nearby WiFi networks.
  • Tap the destination network and the app will do the rest.
  • After a successful hack, the WiFi key will appear on the screen, use it and enjoy free internet.

● InstaBridge

It’s not actually a hacker app, but it has a trick that can help you connect to free hotspots and WiFi even when you don’t have any data packets to search for hotspots nearby. It has an extensive database of nearly 3 billion WiFi networks, so no matter where you are or where you go, it will keep you connected.

It is compatible with iOS 9 or later.

So if you want to connect to available WiFi access points, InstaBridge is the solution for you.

Hack WiFi password using jailbroken iPhone

Do you have an unlocked iPhone? You are most likely a tech savvy person. If so, it will be very easy to hack any WiFi near you using your beloved: your iPhone.

Here, I did some in-depth research and selected some apps that can actually hack WiFi using your iPhone.

● Aircrack-ng

If you have an unlocked iPhone, you must know about Cydia. Open the Cydia store and search for Aircrack-ng. Download and install the application.

This is a real way to hack. But unfortunately, you can only hack WEP keys through it. Hacking WPA is tricky and if the victim is using a weak password, they can also hack a WPA key.

In fact, Aircrack works the same as on PC. You have to track packages for a maximum of 2-4 hours, and then the password will be cracked.

Support up to iOS 6.1 is quite limited; you can use your old iPhone.

● iSpeedTouched

The best part about iSpeedTouched is that it is even compatible with iOS 11. So you can easily use it, but you must have an unlocked phone.

In fact, this app provides the possible default router password combinations. But we can also launch a brute force attack using this application, which will take hours, but the success rate is very high.

You can find iSpeedTouched in the Cydia store.

● WlanAudit

It is another jailbreak compatible app that can hack WiFi for you if the default password has not changed. Do not worry; most people do not change the default password. You can download this application from the Cydia store.

  • To use this app, just turn on WiFi and location.
  • Then check the nearby networks.
  • Tap the destination network and it will instantly display possible password combinations.
  • Try each key one by one and you should connect to the WiFi network if the default password has not changed yet.

The worst part about this application is that it is only compatible with iOS 5. Therefore, you must use this application on your old iPhone.

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