how to find a lost smartphone at the airport or shopping center

” Find my device ” is a Google service that allows you to locate your smartphone in case of loss. Thanks to its functions it is possible to view it on a map, make it ring and send a message and a telephone number to be called in case of finding. Finally, you can also reset the device.

“Find my device” however, did not have the ability to locate the device inside closed spaces . With the new update, the service allows you to view the phone in the spaces of large public buildings. Particularly in the United States, where mapping of airport and shopping mall premises is available. In Italy, however, it is not yet present so we will still have to wait. However, when traveling abroad, it can prove to be a useful service.

How to use it? it’s simple: first of all you need to leave the GPS activated, then download the application. As a result, you can log in online from another device or PC and view your smartphone remotely.

And as Ars Technica points out , in the near future we will be able to locate the device even inside the individual rooms of the homes. In fact, Google has added a new feature to Android 9 Pie that allows the operating system to support localization and display within all internal spaces (RTT). Consequently, it will be possible to upload a map of your home on Maps . At the same time, compatible wi-fi routers are required. For example, Google has promised that RTT support will be available for its mesh routers later this year.

Finally, a question is a must: are we all happy to upload a map of our apartment to Google Maps?


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