How To Fast searches on Windows 11

The new Microsoft operating system arriving in the coming months introduces many new features, a new and modern graphic design and many improvements to simplify daily work. Quick searches on Windows 11 are extremely simple and complete and with a couple of clicks they allow you to find any content on your computer.

Performing quick searches on Windows 11 is really very simple but since it is a completely new operating system anyone could have problems and for this reason, without losing too much in useless chatter, in this article, I will explain how to do it.

Perform Quick Searches on Windows 11

Windows 11 introduces numerous improvements that simplify data management and allows you to perform quick searches on Windows 11 simply by pressing the Windows and S keys at the same time ; this will open a window dedicated to the search.

and you just need to type one or more words in the text box at the top to search for all relevant documents and applications. You can further filter the results by selecting the type of data you want to search (App, documents or web searches). Alternatively, to open the search window you can press the magnifying glass button in the windows bar at the bottom.

This is the fastest way for quick searches on Windows 11 but you can also search as you did on Windows 10, i.e. by pressing the start icon in the windows bar at the bottom and writing the text to search for in the text box or also by writing the text to search for in the text box at the top left of all folders (the explorer window to be clear).

Just like previous versions of Windows, the search will be very fast for indexed data and slower for other data.

Are you thinking of upgrading your version of Windows 10 to Windows 11? I remind you that the update will be free and will be carried out by Windows Update but your computer must meet the minimum requirements

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