How to fast forward or rewind a YouTube video on Android

Initially it is important to note that YouTube allows you to activate the function of advancing or rewinding a video from mobile applications. In this way, you can enjoy the variety of videos that this platform has available quickly and accurately or you can go back just by touching the screen.

It should be noted that this function has been available on the platform since 2017, when it released version 11.47. Being a very useful option for most users. Therefore, it is of great importance to know how to execute it .

With this new YouTube feature, the user can feel calm about not having to go back or forward when watching a video through the time bar, which is located at the bottom of the screen. If you want you can watch your videos in slow motion.

YouTube allows you to advance or rewind a video with double tap on Android

Mainly, through this new function on YouTube you can advance or rewind a video just by tapping the screen. This way you can appreciate the specific time that you want to see in the movie or video.

It should be noted that if you activate this function you will be able to “advance the video if you touch on the far right of the screen” and “you will be able to rewind if you touch on the far left”.

Through this new function you can customize your functions along with a certain period of time. Also in settings you can adjust the time if you wish. Next we will explain the steps to achieve it.

First of all, to be able to advance a video on YouTube, you must “double tap” on the right side of the screen while the video is playing in full screen mode.

It should be understood that the YouTube platform has a default setting of ten seconds. So the first touch that is made will advance that number of seconds specifically.

And if you decide to go ahead, you just have to repeat this step and in this way the video with each double tap you make will advance 10 more seconds .

In this way, it should be added that to go back a video on YouTube, the same procedure must be carried out. But you must double tap on the left side of the screen so that the video rewinds 10 seconds .

But if you want to keep going back until you find a specific part of the video, you can keep double tapping and it will go back more seconds with each tap.

Method to change how many seconds go forward or backward

Similarly, if you want to change the 10 seconds that this function brings by default, you can achieve it, you just have to make a few small adjustments and that’s it. It is a simple procedure that you can achieve through this platform.

So first you must open the application and go to the upper right corner right where your profile picture appears. When you click there, a drop-down bar will appear with several options in which you must choose “settings” for the YouTube application.

This will then display a submenu, where various settings are displayed that are classified by categories but the one that interests you is called “general” . It is in this section where you will find the option that interests you, you must look in the list that is displayed, since there are several functions included there.

You must select the one that says “touch twice to move forward or backward” , when you click there you will automatically see several options of numbers which are: 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, or 60 seconds, you must choose the amount of seconds you want to move forward or backward in the video.

Remember that the seconds you choose will apply to these two functions equally. So you can double tap on the screen as many times as you want and it will advance or go back with each double tap the number of seconds you select in that section.

Finally, it is important to note that the YouTube platform is evolving more and more. Since it includes very useful functions for better performance both in the functions of the platform and in the users. Since by enjoying a more intuitive interface, users can be comfortable using YouTube.


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