In my training experiences aimed at companies, in the Human Resources area, I was able to design and deliver training to personnel who needed a professional requalification path within their company / company as well as I have been providing training to personnel for some time unemployed .

In both situations the staff had not faced a job interview for a long time but, in the first case, the resources had to learn a new professionalism and introduce themselves to the new manager but always within the same company, while in the second case the people had to completely get back “in the game”.

This article stems from both experiences, extremely enriching from a human and professional point of view, with the intent of providing some suggestions for facing a job interview after a long time, relating to the field of non-employment .

The audience of learners was made up of people who had sent dozens of resumes without success and, often, without even a response, even if negative. This, in some of them, had generated a state of strong discouragement and, in one particular case, even depressive.

In the interview simulations, an important moment of my training methodology, I noticed a negative attitude regarding the conviction of not being, regardless, suitable for the job for which the application was presented in a perspective that, in any case, “nothing good will happen more”.

It is quite obvious that this negativity, when the call for a job interview should arrive, would lead to the worst possible attitude that could negatively affect the meeting with the recruiter in a non-positive way.

So how to deal with a job interview after a long time?

The most important thing is to take it as an experience that can only enrich an already extensive professional background, even if the interview was not destined to be successful. The positive side is always there and it is that of having prepared oneself, of having tested oneself, of having been called and, therefore, better, in the eyes of the recruiter, than others who have not been and, above all, we have come closer to the world of work. It can be seen as a kind of internship in which to meet various recruiters and learn the various techniques that are used. “As they say, whatever happens it will be a success!”.

Another tip is to go to the interview with the conviction that this could be “the right time”, then put yourself in the position of being able to make a good impression, implementing a positive attitude to give the best of yourself. Otherwise it would only be a waste of time and money for transportation and food, because it would lead to new frustration.

In summary it all lies in thinking that a job interview can be an opportunity and that the best thing is to leave no stone unturned in the perspective that, in the end, even a refusal would not change the situation in which you already have find.


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