How to extract and open a file with an EPUB extension on my PC

With the advancement of technology, there are more and more things that we can do on our computer, such as working, ordering food, or enjoying our hobbies. A very important and popular hobby is reading books, and if you want to do it on your computer, you will need EPUB files, so today we show you how to extract and open a file with an EPUB extension on my PC.

What is an EPUB file?

If you’re like most, you probably know the portable document format, or PDF . This format is widely used for its versatility, since most devices recognize PDF. However, PDF was created for documents, not books.

EPUB is a format that was created in 2007 specifically for reading and compiling books.   It is an acronym for Electronic Publication, or Electronic Publication and is sometimes written as ePub. It is also possible to convert a PDF file to an EPUB , although there may be some errors in the conversion.

How does an EPUB work?

An EPUB file contains other files within it. All files are compiled into a single file for ease of use and transport. The files it contains are:

  • Several XHTML type files , because with these you can create an ePub file from scratch . The amount will depend on the length of the book and the number of chapters.
  • Multiple images , including the book cover and all illustrations in the book.

When your preferred reader opens a file with an EPUB extension, what it does is display each XHTML file separately. When you move on to the next chapter, it finds and opens the next XHTML file and images from that chapter and displays them.

How do you open an EPUB file?

Since its invention in 2007, EPUB is the most recommended file to open e-books , that’s why most programs designed to open books support it. How to open a file with an EPUB extension will depend on what you want to do with it and the software you want to use, as well as your computer system.

Use a commercial e-book reader

Companies that sell books have been using the internet for a long time for their business. However, on the Internet piracy is a much bigger problem, and that is why many companies use applications specialized in trade books.

EPUB files can use a system called DRM (Digital Rights Manager) to ensure that the person using it has paid for the book.

The most widely used application to open files with an EPUB extension in this context is Google Play Books on Android and Apple Books on Mac and iOS . However, in Windows and Linux there is no widely used commercial application in this type of market. However, Google Play Books can also be used from the browser and allows you to print the books you buy if you wish.

Use an e-book reader in general

On Windows and Linux, the most widely used program for reading books in EPUB format is Caliber. This application allows you to import EPUB books to a digital library on your computer. With Caliber you can organize your books, convert them to other formats, and much more.

Visit the official Caliber site, from where you can download it and learn how to use it. To download books for free and legal, you can look for Project Gutenberg, which provides classic books in EPUB format to be used with Caliber or some other digital reader.

How do you extract an EPUB file?

As we already mentioned above, EPUB is a type of file that contains other files inside. With this in mind, we can compare it to compressed files such as .ZIP or .RAR. You can imagine where we’re going with this: You can use WinRar or another file compressor to unzip an EPUB and separate it into its individual files.

Once you’ve unzipped it, you can review and edit each part of the EPUB. If you want to compile it again after having edited its parts, you can use Caliber , the program we mentioned, to do it. You just have to compress the files in a .RAR and import it into Caliber.

But the most important thing is that you enjoy your reading on all your devices, and if necessary synchronize your books between them . However, you must always remember not to spend too much time reading on your computer, and keep your library always full! So you will enjoy reading.


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