How to export Google Chrome extensions to another PC or browser?

The Google Chrome browser has been listed as one of the best browsers that could have been created. Thanks to its large repertoire of settings, you can adapt the browser environment to one more suited to your personal tastes. In addition, with its option to add some small programs or functions that help you improve the performance of the browser called extensions.

The extension programs that Google Chrome provides us not only give us better browser performance, they also provide us with ease of use when browsing in Chrome.

The options of the extensions are so great that we can use them in another browser or on another computer and  export so as not to be looking for these extensions again. Here we will be explaining how you manage, install and export your extensions.

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  1. Where to find Google Chrome extensions?
  2. How to export Chrome extensions and settings to another PC?
  3. What should you do to export Google Chrome extensions in different formats?
    1. Check Chrome Profile
    2. As CRX files
    3. Extension folder on MacOS or Linux
    4. Using Chrome Extension Downloader
    5. Use special URL to save and download

Where to find Google Chrome extensions?

For users who are using the Google Chrome browser and want to use the extensions that it can provide, these are located in the Google Web Store of the Google platform. To enter it in case you don’t know, you can write in the Google Web Store search engine to enter the store

After entering the store you will see a large list on the left   where the first option we have is Extensions. By clicking we can see a list or, rather, several lists of extensions. There will be a section that will be Recommendations based on your search history, Gmail features, notes extensions and also the best extensions of the year section

How to export Chrome extensions and settings to another PC?

The best browsers that are used today have a large number of configurations, but the one that stands out among all those that exist is that of being able to log in to the browser with an email account . With the help that this provides us, we can configure the browser and all these changes will be saved in the mail while the synchronization is active.

Thanks to the login with email we can export everything we have in our browser to another browser that is on a different computer than ours. We will only have to start the session in the other browser of the computer so that all the configurations and extensions appear automatically

What should you do to export Google Chrome extensions in different formats?

Google Chrome settings are so extensive that we also have the option to import and export bookmarks, passwords to other computers or browsers. But the possibility of exporting extensions in different formats is also viable when resorting to another method in case one doesn’t work.

Check Chrome Profile

The first thing to do before starting to export extensions  or import passwords from Google Chrome is to verify that the profile we have in the browser is correct, since this browser has the possibility of having several accounts in it, and face email has its own configurations and extensions.

If you want to check that the email you are going to use to export your extensions is correct, go to the browser settings, there we will see the email that is currently activated and next to it, a little arrow to display the added emails. In the case of not being your email, you will only have to select it and activate the synchronization

As CRX files

To start exporting extensions from Google Chrome, you will need to first enable the browser’s developer mode to store these extensions in files called CRX files . With this we can install the extensions that we have in Google Chrome in another browser.

To activate the develop mode you will have to go to the three buttons of the browser in the upper right corner to open the menu and in its opinions select ‘More Tools’  and click on extensions. We can see here the extensions we have and in the right corner we can activate the develop mode.

The extensions we have have an ‘ID’ that identifies them, this ID will appear in the Google Chrome extensions folder. To enter you must follow the following path: ‘ C:Usuarios AppDataLocalGoogleChromeUser DataDefaultExtensions’ , in this folder will be the folder with the extension ID, click on ‘extension package’ choose the folder to create the CRX file

Extension folder on MacOS or Linux

If you are using MacOS computers or Linux services , the process for exporting extensions is somewhat different, all you have to do is find the folder where the extensions are located.

To do this on MacOS, you can follow the steps above and then go to Library/Application Support to enter the folder and copy it. In the same way for Linux, only we will enter the config folder to copy the folder, and load the extensions in the browser.

Using Chrome Extension Downloader

Extension Downloader, is an extension that Google Chrome provides us to download CRX files from the extensions that we have in the browser, in order to take them to another and run them there. You will only have to write the ID of the extension and press download extension to have the CRX file downloaded

Use special URL to save and download

There is a very easy option to follow, and that is   by using the extension’s special URL to download it on any browser or computer.

For this we will save the ID of the extension, and once this is done, place this address com/service/update2/crx?response=redirect&prodversion=49.0&x=id%3D %26installationsource%3Dondemand%26uc, with the ID at the end to make a download window appear to download the extension. 


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