How to export and import power plans in Windows 10?

In case you didn’t know, Windows offers plans to save energy and optimize your computer . In the case of Windows 10 you can find three different ones that suit your needs. If you want to know how to export and import power plans in Windows 10 , keep reading this article.

Another way to improve your computer’s energy savings is by changing the screen sleep or shutdown time so that you can control how much power your computer uses when it shuts down.

These plans come by default, but you can also customize them and even create new ones, as well as being able to export and import power plans in Windows 10.

These three power plans are Economizer, Balanced, and High Performance, along with one added in the latest updates called the Maximum Performance Plan . You can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Many users use this energy saving method when their computers are having trouble charging.

Find out what power plans are?

They are configurations found in the control panel that are in charge of managing the consumption generated by the computer. Through these, the OS interacts with the components and maximizes their performance or minimizes their consumption.

Manages, slots, hard drives, processors and the screen, in addition, you can configure the power button, multimedia and networks. Although it is quite easy to access and its configuration is user-friendly , it does not fully explain its function parameters, at least not in Windows 10.

By improving energy saving plans, you can prevent your computer from overheating  or  overworking .

Activate power plans in Windows 10

In the search engine of the start menu write ” Edit power plan ” and click on the green battery icon, it will directly take you to a pop-up. Press ” Power Options ” to step back in the menu where you can see all the power profiles. In general, you will have the economizer selected.

If you click on “Change plan settings” , you can make small changes to the suspension of the computer and screen. And by clicking on ” Change advanced power settings “, you can select each part of the hardware and its behavior, thus customizing your own plan.

Maximum energy performance plan

Although similar to its previous high-performance in configuration, it is much more effective. It eliminates the measurement of hardware consumption and allows each component to use its maximum potential, allowing it to consume all the energy necessary to achieve it.

Activate the maximum power performance plan

Through the start menu, access the general configuration of the computer. In the menu bar, select ” Start / Shutdown and Sleep ” click ” Additional power settings ” to access the power options and select the plan. This plan is not available for laptops and versions prior to Windows 1803.

Export and import power plans in Windows 10

The first thing to do to export and import Windows power plans is to know the GUID of the operating system. Doing this can be done through a command line, and by opening a system window using administrator permissions.

With the command ” Powercfg list ” you can see the list of power commands in Windows, those you have created and others. To export and import power plans in Windows 10 copy the GUID of the one you want and with the following commands (which serve according to what you want to do) you can import or export.

Use » Powercfg – export“ name and path ”GUID» or »Powercfg – import“ name and rout ”GUID» . Clearly, where it says ” Name and route” , the destination where said plan will go is placed. Once this path is created, a .pow file corresponding to the copy of this plan will be created.

If a plan is imported, by performing these steps when going to the control panel, you can verify that the plan is within the system options.

If, on the other hand, you no longer need to use the energy saving modes or need to deactivate it by a specific program, Windows also allows you to activate and deactivate the energy saving mode at your convenience.


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