How To Explore the Aurora in Subnautica

This is what you must do to fully explore the Aurora and find the plans in Subnautica. Survive the accident with our complete guide.After exploring the Execution Platform , Subnautica’s story reveals that our protagonist is infected with a bacteria . After a while since the Sunbeam is shot down (about 5 days), you will receive a radio call informing you that there are plans for a rocket in the Aurora , our next destination.

To go to the Dawn, you need to find the blueprints and fragments of the following items and craft them :

  • Anti-radiation suit.
  • Anti-radiation helmet.
  • Anti-radiation gloves.
  • Repulsion Cannon (to clear debris out of the way).
  • Survival knife (to eliminate small creatures in your way).
  • Extinguisher (there are a couple of fires, you can put them out with it, although there are some scattered around the ship).
  • Repair tool.
  • Laser cutter.
  • Seamoth (to get closer to the Dawn).

The big problem with entering the Aurora is that there are Leviathan Reapers hovering around the hull. What you have to do is take the Seamoth and navigate glued to the hull, to the left edge . Go to the front and you can enter with the ship .


Disembark the Seamoth on the “ramp” (be careful, don’t leave the Seamoth out of the water or you won’t be able to tow it) and kill the Cave Crawlers with the knife . Go left, passing over several metal plates, one of which will serve as a ramp to climb the structure. Watch out for more crawlers while you do it. All the way through the Aurora, pay attention to the containers with supplies , there are piles.

When you get to the very top, continue to the bottom, where you will see flames and, to the right, a beam to cross .

When you reach the end, turn left and go straight . After a door blocked by some fire, you will finally reach the entrance of the ship. You will see that there are two signs that indicate that you have Charging Bay 3 on the left, and Administration on the right .

Go to Cargo Bay 3 . There is debris in between, you can remove it with the repulsor cannon, or try to jump on it. At the end of the hall there is a door with a keyboard, the key is 1454 . Once inside, go left. There is a ramp that goes down , go that way. You will see two other signs: Motor Core and Seamoth Bay .

Go left, down the hall . You will see another sign where it says PRAWN Pier and Lockers . Open the door with the Laser Cutter. You will see that there are several lockers with objects , take all you can. Next, go down the hall with the “PRAWN Pier” sign. Go up the ramp and fix the cables next to the right door so you can open it. You will reach the bay where the PRAWN are stored, scan the objects to be able to unlock the PRAWN Suit to create it in the Portable Vehicle Bay later.

When you’re done, go left and you will see a ramp blocked by boxes . You can jump on them and climb to get to the Cabins .

You have several objects and doors locked with code .

  • Cabin 1:
  • Captain’s Cabin:

There is a data console in the Captain’s Cabin . Interact with her to get the Blueprints for the Neptune Escape Rocket and the Time Capsule .

You can pick up several PDAs and objects in the area, although several of the doors are blocked by fire. You have a fire extinguisher in the Cantina, behind the bar , in case you’re curious. Now we are going to go back to the sign with the indication to get to the Motor Nucleus . Clear the flames and you will reach the engine room .

As you will see, there are four “towers” . You must fix them using the Repair Tool . What you are looking for are “sparks” that signal leaks . Most are under water, the game will tell you how many are missing after each repair.

Watch out for the bugs that grab your arm . If one gets snagged, equip the knife and hit the fire button (whichever is on the platform you’re playing on, it’s the same as for repairing with the Repair Tool) to remove it before it kills you. With this done, we are done on the Aurora . It’s time to go back to your base and prepare for the trip to the Center for Disease Research.

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