How to expand your comfort zone

comfort zone is another of several wonderful concepts that are soon worn out and lost value because it is used far too much in the wrong context and by the wrong people who equate by saying: “Do not be so cowardly!” The comfort zone is so much more than not being cowardly.

What is a comfort zone?
Your comfort zone is the boundaries around you where you do not dare to go, although you may both want and should do so. The zone is invisible, but noticeable when you look at the results of your efforts in life. You may have subconscious comfort zones or they are clear and show what limitations you have set for yourself. Yes, you read that right: “like Youhave set up for yourself. ” And in there you stand and balance your life within the safe limits you set. You feel at home there. There are no risks and you do not have to make any mistakes as long as you stay in there.

And then some handsome person comes and says: “Break the boundaries. Get out of your comfort zone and stop being so cowardly all the time! “The

problem is that you have to be mentally ready for it. We have to talk about it first and there are three good ways to prepare for bigger creative steps. Here they are:

1 Give yourself permission to fail
When you do something new, you can not be an expert on it all at once. It goes without saying, but we have forgotten it in our zeal to be able and skilled. When you do something new, you actually have the right to be a beginner and a freshman. It is part of the learning process. Say it out loud ten times to yourself.

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2. Kick out your inherent perfectionist
If you do something new, then you can not judge it in the same way as when you do something you do often. It’s not fair. This is a BIG thing. I have people close to me who would never do anything if they did not know in advance that they would do well. The consequence is that they rarely do anything at all. Usually they let me do things instead and watch how I mess around until I can. Then I can, but not them. What a win for me. It only cost to do something “imperfect” a few times.

3. Celebrate your forward movements
Pat yourself on the shoulder every time you do something on the “uncertain side”. Tell your inner Jante advocate that “Did you see little Jante now, I took the step even though you tried to stop me.
Did you see that I:
• Started talking to that girl.
• Asked for that raise.
• Taught me that difficult computer program.
• Went – and passed – that course.
• Looked for that job.
• Told that idiot.

Guess what happens when you follow these three steps?
Something amazing!
It’s not only that you make that uncomfortable, you also prepare for all the other hardships you have in front of you. When you start taking uncomfortable steps, all other uncomfortable steps also become easier to take because you realize that it is not as dangerous as you thought. This attitude is probably the most important of all in this book. Without these steps in the creative work, you simply get stuck.

Because what else happens?
This: As soon as you end up in a situation that is not comfortable with or is not quite as you expected, you will do everything you can to be comfortable again. And here you have a big part of all the unhappy people’s problems. Even if they are unhappy and empty inside, the natural instinct is to stay where they are because it is familiar and safe. Many millions of people remain at work, in relationships and in situations that have long since lost their relevance just because they are afraid of the unknown. Imagine if they knew that security does not exist in something outside of themselves, but instead within themselves. They will never find out where they really could have ended up or what they could have done.

Surely it’s sad?
And even sadder is that they think it’s about starting with skydiving or free climbing in mountains. It can be as simple as deciding to take the risk of learning something new, starting a sport or looking for a new job.

Now I’m completely out of breath and red in the ears after slapping down this important thing in just a few minutes. But I think you’re on the notes. It’s about making yourself comfortable with what you are uncomfortable with and about dealing with challenges – and now I’m talking about real challenges. Things that are developing, but at the same time hurt a little. A challenge is not when your boss says; “See it as a challenge” when you have to reorganize the archive at work. Creativity and comfort zones are about giving yourself a beating, but liking the result of it. To be brave. There are so few who are. There are few who go all the way. You can be one of those who do.

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