How to exchange a defective product in MediaMarkt?

MediaMarkt is one of the most popular stores, both physical and online, in the whole country. In it you can find various products dedicated to entertainment, such as the Mi Note 10 Lite , at the best price. However, sometimes there may be a problem with the purchase in MediaMarkt and it will be necessary to exchange a defective product , so we will tell you how to do it.

Exchange a defective product in MediaMarkt

This large network of stores, as well as many others in the country, guarantees your money back if you are not satisfied with the product. To do this, certain requirements must be met. The first thing is to present both the invoice and the DNI when making the return . It is also important to remember that you have up to 14 days if the purchase was made in the physical store.

In case of making an online purchase, you will have 30 days to make your return. Finally, you must make sure that the product is in perfect condition, and that the security seal or packaging is not broken . However, it is logical that you wonder if the latter can affect changing a defective product in MediaMarkt. The answer is a definit no.

If you have a defective product and want to make the warranty valid, you can do so regardless of whether the original packaging is broken . You simply have to contact the company and follow the instructions they give you. One of the ways to do it is by filling out the following form , you will receive the answer to your question via email.

Another great way to communicate with MediaMarkt is through Live Chat from the platform. You can also call 900 205 000 free of charge to be able to speak to an operator . You can even go directly to the physical store where you bought the product and request a change.

Before being able to exchange the defective product, MediaMarkt will make sure that it does not work properly. However, there should be no problem making the exchange and a brand new item should be delivered to you without any hassle. You just have to remember not to exceed the time limit.

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