How to erase any object from a Photoshop image?

Photoshop is one of the best programs that exist, this is mainly due to the large number of tools that have been added over time, such as the one that allows you to desaturate an image and give it more color . For those tools is today’s tutorial, so you can learn how to erase any object from an image?

And it is that, as a general rule, the image that is chosen to make a design has to contain everything that one wants but well organized, but when working for a client sometimes you have to adapt, so it is essential to learn to erase .

It should be noted that for the purposes of this tutorial, you should download the latest version of official Photoshop , because in older versions the options that will be displayed may change.

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  1. How to erase any object from a Photoshop image?
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How to erase any object from a Photoshop image?

Now, the first thing you have to know is that in order to erase any object from an image there are countless tools or functions that you can use in this program, such as the clone buffer for example, however many of these are complicated for newbies. so today the easiest ones will be shown.

The number one function is to fill in according to the content, to achieve it you have to go to the toolbar and choose the tool that is called “Lasso”, then you must select the area of ​​the photo that you want to erase.

After having it selected, go to the ribbon above and choose the “Edit” option. This action will display a submenu where you must choose the “Fill” option, which in turn will open a dialog box. There you have to adjust the selection of “Content” to “According to content”.

Afterwards, you must calibrate the “Color and blending adaptation” options that are in the same box. To achieve that you have to go to that same option and select “Normal” mode, when you finish said configuration, click “OK” and that’s it. , the object should disappear in a few seconds.

It should be noted that although this is one of the best options available especially to remove unnecessary funds, it is not always effective, it depends on the image you want to remove and how difficult it is to fade it.

Cut and paste in Photoshop

Now that you know one of the techniques to erase any object from an image, it is time for you to see others of the many that you can use, and this would be the classic cut and paste.

To do this, you must first choose any selection tool and select the area you want to erase. When you already have it, you have to go to the configuration bar and mark “New selection”.

By doing this you will be able to move the selection that you chose earlier, do so and place it in a “clean” place, so to speak. Then right click on the selection and choose the option “Layer via copy”, this will create a new layer only with your selection.

Next you have to create a layer mask by giving “Layer”, then “Layer mask”, and finally “Discover all”, to finish hit “Brush” in the toolbar, and set the hardness to low to that you can sharpen the edges of your new layer and that no flaws are noticeable.

And voila, with that you know how to erase any object from an image, so all you have to do is go and try both methods to see which one works best for you.

Remember that if you do not know what the options shown here are, then you have to look for other tutorials to complement your knowledge  and that you can carry out the processes faster, it is recommended that you first look for how to copy and paste layers, images and selections.


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