How to enter to play on the Marbella Vice server with famous youtubers

The technology has greatly influenced somehow in our daily lives, including video games, learning tools, content creation and even applications to download videos, games, movies .

There are many options on both computers and mobiles. They serve for our entertainment as an informative tool, the technological world covered us all in some way.

Online transmissions have been increasing , they are not only live videos but these platforms have advanced to include tutorials and even video games, previously they were not always videos or live information but with their popularity they were used more and more.

The streamers have the technological capacity to carry out these broadcasts live to the audience that is interested through different platforms. It should be noted that in the world of entertainment, in addition to these audiences, there are also video games.

There are users who are constantly dedicated to these servers as there is also the probability that if you have already fulfilled your daily responsibilities you want to enter that world of entertainment for a while. Either with free games for Android phones or on these named platforms. In this sense, we will let you know more about the Marbella Vice server .

What is Marbella Vice

For some time now, many youtubers and well-known streamers have gathered on servers, some like Arkadia from Ark Survival Evolved or the great event Egoland , due to these servers Ibai’s idea of ​​creating his own server arises . For that reason Marbella Vice has been announced, with a great team of experts in the design of these video games.

Among the indications, it was announced that they have a list of 120 stable people , each of the players will be able to do whatever they want, which means that they will be able to hold parties, start businesses, go to places. In the same vein, this server will open on the scheduled date of April 4, 2021.

There are not many details regarding the names that will be seen in this video game, but it may be that through their official Twitter account ‘@MarbellaVice’ the same names will be revealed .

In the same way, the other invitees will confirm their participation the closer we are to the event. Therefore, you must be aware of all social networks, so as not to miss any ads.

How to enter to play on the Marbella Vice server with famous youtubers Is it possible or is it exclusive?

Among several youtubers they saw the idea of ​​creating a great server as Ibai himself calls it, and this name refers to a place in Spain where there have always been many foreigners, money and drugs. That is why reference is made to the game that encompasses these aspects.

With infinite possibilities, this server was created where many players will meet with access to many places within the video game. What is disclosed is that the list of players can be lengthened and that with the passing of the days they will be shown by the Twitter account until the entire list was shown.

In short, if this server will be exclusive, that is to say, the main objective is to find the most famous players that have been found on other servers, they have anticipated that not everyone will be able to be present, that is, not everyone will be able to access this server so long awaited users of the world.

Surprises at Marbella Vice

With many expectations about this server are these content creators but not enough information has been given , what is to be assured is that it will have a large audience, because GTA online in its style was the most popular. What is more surprising is that you can do whatever you want on this server, even a party if you like.

There have been many similar servers in recent months but Ibai comments on YouTube that if anyone gets tired of playing there is no problem but I would like everyone to like it. In recent days there has been a lot of talk about this server in the world of streamers , today one of the main entertainment industries is video games, and at different ages they are used for entertainment.


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