How to enter or add addresses of places in MapQuest

If you are a travel fan, you probably use Google Maps as a guide application and even in apps like Facebook. However, this program is not the only one on the market, since there are actually more options that are just as good. With that in mind today you will learn about one of them, answering How to enter or add addresses of places in MapQuest?

And it is always good to have variety when choosing important applications. Because you never know when the one you always wear might fail (for whatever reason), leaving you stranded and wanting to cry without knowing what to do.

What is Mapquest?

To get started with the guide that will allow you to answer the question How to enter or add addresses of places in MapQuest? You have to first know what this program is and how much help it can offer you. Well, the truth is that Mapquest is considered a mapping application.

Which is available for both mobile phones and computers. In it you can locate thousands of places worldwide (almost as many as in its competitor Google Maps).

Despite not being the best in the world, it has a great Mapping system, which includes 360-degree images of many of the most important cities on planet earth. It also has a network of satellites that show you images in real time (not everywhere).


In addition, you can create your own personal Maps within it (with the addresses that you want to place) and in turn you will be able to locate all kinds of hotels, restaurants, tourist sites, among other points of interest just by looking for them. When you choose a place, you will be guided to it with a voice or text system, so there will be no way you will get lost when you are doing that tour (no matter what the city is).

However, it must be said that it works better on some sites than others. Like for example the United States, where you really have detailed information on everything . This program is still improving and every day it is updated a little more, so most errors and missing information will probably be corrected in the future.

How to enter or add addresses of places in MapQuest?

Now that you know what the app works for, it’s time to learn how to enter or add addresses of places in MapQuest. For this, first go to the official Mapquest site in your everyday browser (you just have to write the name of the program).

When you enter it, go to the top of the page and click on the button called “Addresses.” With that, a box will appear where you must put the starting point of your route (that is, the starting point), and the end of it.


Then simply press the button “How to get there” and voila, the data was entered and the map will take you to where you want it, showing you the path you should follow. In addition to marking your route, the program also brings options for you to place the stops you can make. And in turn, check the hotels and restaurants of your destination (by name and number of stars) and share the map to any device.

With that last there is nothing more to say. The next thing you have to do is go to the application, create an account and start using it. Remember that it is not yet complete, so if you notice an error it is not a greater evil, since there are really more pros than cons.

This makes it the best alternative on the market for other applications, because with this you will have very good functions, which rival even those of Google Maps, such as putting labels on the addresses of places , or looking for geographical coordinates of latitude and length .


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