How To enchantments of the trident in Minecraft

It is very likely that you have already heard of a fantastic game in which you are presented with infinite possibilities to have fun while creating worlds. And it is none other than Minecraft a world where you will face dragons, Zombies and you will have to create useful tools to survive. But this game can present so many options that you may not know them all. And that is why we will show you what conductivity is for in Minecraft and how to do trident enchantments.

How To Make All Trident Charms What Is Conductivity Good For In Minecraft?

If you have had the opportunity to enter the world of Minecraft, you may know that you have infinite possibilities, even to play without internet or data. Where you must go collecting different materials or objects to create useful tools with the help of enchantments . But you will also be able to raise farm animals or plant your own plants to feed yourself.

But if you are a player who does not have much experience and you have hardly created your account in this game, you should be a bit surprised by this conductivity in Minecraft. And it is for this reason that we have created this article to be able to unveil some mysteries of this surprising and fascinating game.

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  2. Different enchantments of the trident in Minecraft

What is conductivity for in Minecraft

Conductivity in Minecraft is nothing more than an enchantment or spell, remember that in this game there are many that you must know and master. This enchantment is also known as Channeling and is of the aquatic type. Since it is associated with a weapon or tool and is none other than a trident and through it it is possible to launch a ray to a selected target.

Although its basic enchantment is responsible for collecting the lightning of the storms and then directing the trident towards a fantastic creature to be able to unload the force of the lightning on it. It is also possible to use other enchantments that are associated with the trident and then we will tell you all that are possible to use.

Remember that it is necessary to use some tools or objects to be able to carry out the enchantments, for you to have better results it is useful to have an enchanted book. But if not, an anvil and trident will be more than enough.

Different enchantments of the trident in Minecraft

As you know, the trident is a water-powered weapon that allows you to have some power, but also has other attributes. But to be able to use them it is necessary that you know the different enchantments that you can use with it. And we will begin with the so-called “Impaling or Impalement”.

This spell allows you to increase the damage you can cause to creatures, it is also possible to use it in conjunction with other enchantments. Another peculiarity of this spell is that you can acquire up to 5 levels of affectation.

The Loyalty or Loyalty spell is another very fascinating enchantment, since you can attack by throwing the trident at any opponent and it will return to your hands again. The speed with which the trident returns to your power will depend on the level of the enchantment and you can reach up to 3 levels.

Another interesting spell that you can use with the trident is the Riptide or water propulsion , which will allow you to be propelled together with the trident towards the monsters that you want to do damage. This blow can cause great damage, but so will you, this is one of the disadvantages of using this spell.

Another limitation of water propulsion is that it can only be used when you are in the water or if it is raining. Nor will it be possible to use it in conjunction with other enchantments such as Loyalty or Conductivity.

The Curse of Vanishing is another incantation you can cast on a trident also known as the curse of separation. Which consists of the destruction of said object in the event that the player dies. As you can see there are many spells that you can apply to the trident with different results.

And in this way we finish this article that could show you a little more about this fascinating world. But remember that sometimes it will be necessary to update Minecraft to the latest version . Where you have been able to know how to do all the trident enchantments and what conductivity is for in Minecraft.

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