How to enable the onscreen keyboard

The imaginary keyboard on the display is not the usual way to type. This is understandable. You need to press on the screen, not bang on the keys. But it turns out to be more convenient, say users who have already appreciated the possibilities of virtual layout. Here is a step-by-step educational program on how to enable the on-screen keyboard on Windows 7 and 10 laptops.

But first, let’s look at several reasons for using such a “life hack”. There are four common ones:

  • the main keyboard is broken;
  • the battery of the wireless keyboard has run out, and there is no way to charge;
  • to protect against “keyboard interceptors” when working in a browser;
  • for virtual machines and emulators of other operating systems, etc.

In most of these devices, the functional range is hidden. This is done to save space. But as soon as you tap Fn (key), the usual F- manuals pop up .

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Enable On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 10

The display keyboard on Vin 10 is tailored for the usual work with a mouse and for friendship with the touch screen. This will appeal to those who have a tablet or laptop-transformer with a sensor. So you can completely forget about the mechanical layout – the touchscreen is extremely convenient.

You can call the virtual panel in several ways.

The first way is classic (almost does not differ from Windows 7)

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Find the wheel on the left (“Options”).
  3. It will be indicated in “Special features”.
  4. Go to ” Keyboard “.
  5. Activate “Screen Input”.

The next method is through the command line

It will work if the computer has a working input device (another keyboard). No other way. This is done in this way.

  1. On the tangible keyboard, [ Win] + [R]is clamped .
  2. The “osk” command is entered.
  3. Confirmed by tapping on “Ok” or by pressing Enter.

Everything, you can type!

The third solution will also need to enter letters

Go to the search bar (on Win10 it will be on the right side of the “Start”).

  1. Drive in “Keyboard”.
  2. Click on “Screen keyboard”.
  3. This will take less than 15 seconds. Phenomenal speed!

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Enable On-Screen Keyboard on Windows 7

The monitor keyboard on Win7 appears in almost the same way as in the older version. The steps for launching through the command line are identical. But the work through the start menu is slightly different.

To do this, you need to do five manipulations.

  1. Go to the “Start” menu.
  2. Then to “All Programs”.
  3. Go to Standard.
  4. Click “Special. possibilities”.
  5. Tap on “Screen. keyboard”.

Now you can write whatever you want with just a mouse at hand .

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Download on-screen keyboard

If your computer does not have a built-in keyboard for the monitor, you can download a third-party one. It will be included as an application.

The most popular programs for the screened keyboard are collected in the table.

Applications What can
Comfort On-Screen Keyboard Pro Works with 50+ languages ​​- from English with Ukrainian to Russian and Hindi.
Fully customizable – from the location and color of the buttons to the type of keyboard.
Quick access to your favorite programs – just press the icon of your favorite application on the keyboard, and the computer will open the desired
Click2Speak Supports the most popular languages.
Auto-corrects SwiftKey (corrects typos).
Remembers Windows key combinations.
Can work on security screens (even when logged in)
Hot Virtual Keyboard Customizes the look of the layout to suit your own preferences.
You can create macros – a specific keyboard shortcut will quickly launch the desired action.
There is built-in auto-correction and predictive printing.
It is interfaced with multitouch (when you hold several “points” on the sensor, and all of them are determined by the program)

So, turning on the on-screen keyboard on a computer is not as difficult as originally thought. You need to do everything according to the prescribed instructions, and then typing on the screen will reveal the potential.

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