How to Enable or Disable Passive FTP Mode in Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 6 and 7 use passive FTP by default. Passive FTP mode is used by some offline FTP servers to work better with firewalls. This is a less secure way to connect than active FTP. Internet Explorer includes the ability to disable and enable Passive FTP (PASV) mode. You may need to enable or disable this setting to allow Internet Explorer to work with the FTP server as a given FTP server . Follow these instructions to achieve this.

Activate and deactivate passive FTP mode

  1. Open Internet Explorer6 or 7 from the Start menu or command line.
  2. Internet Explorer menu, select Tools, click Tools .
  3. Click Internet Optionsto open a new Internet Selection window .
  4. Click the Advancedtab .
  5. Find the device for FTP sitescalled Enable folder view at the top of the list of settings. Make sure this feature is disabled. It should be unchecked. Internet Explorer Passive FTP mode does not work unless this feature is disabled.
  6. In the list of settings, find the device named Use Passive FTPabout halfway through.
  7. To enable the passive FTP feature, select the Usethe box next to the passive FTP device check box. Clear the feature to disable the feature.
  8. Click OKor Apply to save the passive FTP setting .

In later versions of Internet Explorer, turn PASV on and off using Control Panel l> Internet Options > Advanced > Use Passive FTP (for firewall and DSL modem compatibility) .


It is not necessary to restart the computer while enabling or disabling passive FTP


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