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Most people own or have access to a computer, whether at home or in a business. And most have the Windows operating system; It is not surprising, because depending on which version you have installed , this system offers multiple advantages, including the Windows system event or event viewer. In this article we will teach you how to open it easily.

Windows system event or event viewer

The Windows system event or event viewer is a tool that allows you to observe all the activity that happens on your computer : notifications, warnings and errors registered in the system when it does not open an application . The event or event viewer makes an activity log, when something happens in the Windows system at the time of power on and off.

This tool is very practical when a problem or error occurs in the system; And not only that, you can know why it has happened and also solve it.

Open Windows System Event or Event Viewer easily

To open the event viewer or Windows system events is very easy, there are three ways to do it, which are:

  1. On your computer, press start and in the search box type “event viewer”.
  2. The other way to do it is to enter at the beginning , then administrative tools and then click on “Event Viewer”.
  3. And the last way to access this Windows tool is to open the File Explorer, and there write Event Viewer.

How to use the Windows event or event viewer

Once you have opened the Windows event or event viewer, a window will appear, which will be like the image below.

When viewing the window, you will realize that there are different sections, which offer different information. You must enter the Windows Registry , from there you can know the events or Windows events.

By choosing this option, you will realize that there are other sections in which you can enter, so you will be able to know the information of the events or events that occurred on your computer. To be able to enter the events or events of the Windows system you must choose the system section  To do this, click on the box on the left that says System .

There you can view all the events or events related to the components of the Windows system. You may notice that there are a number of events or Windows system events.

How events are recorded by tags

  • Information:  Notifies if a program or application works properly.
  • Warning: These events or events logged with this tag are generally not serious; however, it is important not to ignore them, as they can correct a mistake before it becomes serious later on.
  • Error: This notice shows a problem with the computer’s software or hardware.

Another thing that you will be able to know when choosing an event or event is information about what it means and the ID. In addition, the events or registered events have an ID and this is useful to be able to do the search in the Microsoft support center  the possible events that may occur in the system are described there.

Opening the Windows system event or event viewer is very easy , you just have to enter the Windows start bar , you even have the option to more comfortably open both this application and others in this menu , in the search box write viewer events or do it in the other two ways described in this article.

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