How to Enable Child Mode on a Samsung Galaxy Phone

Giving your precious smartphone to your child can be daunting. What will they get into? If you have a Samsung Galaxy phone, you can avoid this by giving them their own space in “Kid Mode”.There are many tools to help protect your child – and yourself – but few go as far as Samsung’s Child Mode. If you often give your Samsung phone or tablet to your child, it’s worth setting it up.

What is child mode on a Samsung phone?


Samsung describes Kids Mode as a “digital playground” and that’s pretty accurate. It’s a special environment just for kids. Basically, it’s a separate user profile for kids, just like you might find on a TV or streaming service.

Kids Mode has a bright and fun theme that’s simplified for kids. Your child can create characters and access apps and games made specifically for them. Of course, it’s not just anything goes. Parents can set controls, app usage limits, and screen time limits.

Think of Kids Mode as a phone made specifically for kids who live inside your Samsung device. It can be taken out at any time.

How to activate children’s mode

Kids mode is accessed via the quick settings buttons, so let’s get started. Swipe up and down the screen twice to see Quick Settings, then swipe right until you see an empty space with a + button.

Find the “Kids” button at the top and drag it down to Quick Settings. Tap “Done” when the button is in place.

Now we can tap the “Kids” button in the quick settings to get started.

Tap “Start” on the first screen to download all necessary components for Kids Mode.

You will see a friendly introduction screen. Tap “Next” to proceed and enable “Add Samsung Kids to Apps screen”.

We are now in the Kids Mode environment. It works like a typical Android home screen. You will see several apps on the screen, but they have not yet been downloaded. You or your child can tap whatever apps or games you like.

A Galaxy Store menu will appear to confirm “Installation”.

To access Parental Controls, tap the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner and select “Parental Controls”.

You will need to use your fingerprint or other secure method to access the controls. Once signed in, you will see the limits you can implement, usage information, and the content your child has created.

When you’re ready to exit Kids Mode, tap the three-dot menu icon and select “Close Samsung Kids”. You will need to use your fingerprint or other secure method to exit.

That’s all the basics for Samsung Kids Mode. You’ll want to spend some time customizing it to fit your needs. The good thing about this is that even if you don’t freak out when you set it up, it’s a very limited experience for your child. Kids Mode is a great tool to use on any platform that has it

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