How to Enable and Set HDR Resolution on PS4 Slim Pro 4K Easily

Who likes to enjoy great games in high definition? Today almost all existing titles are in HD. And it is that having good graphics makes a difference if we refer to sales since resolution is a point to take into account when buying a game.

However, it sometimes happens that the games you have can give you much more resolution than you actually see by simply accessing the settings. For example, the PS4 Slim comes with the ability to show you images in HDR, greatly improving the graphics of your games. And it is better known because the HDR effect can also be applied to photos

Didn’t you know that your PS4 Slim could do this? Do not worry, many do not know all the functions that this console has. In fact, the PS4 Slim brings out new surprises as Sony updates it so you should always be aware of its functions.

But don’t worry, we will always be here to show you how to use it correctly and in this case how to activate HDR resolution. So keep reading our article and pay close attention to the steps that we are going to show you and you will see that you will be able to activate HDR on your PS4.

What is HDR resolution?


First of all, we are going to talk a little about HDR resolution so that you know a little more about this very useful technology. This way you will have a broader framework of the information that we are going to show you and you will better understand the steps you have to follow.

HDR technology or high dynamic range images are a set of techniques that allow a better dynamic range. This allows the lightest and darkest areas of the images to be more in line with the human eye. That is why many seek to convert a normal photo to one in HDR format .

This makes HDR images much sharper and more natural, greatly improving the graphics of games on the PS4. So if you use this function you will enjoy your games much more, since they will be much more realistic and they will look sharper.

The procedure to perform to activate this function on your PS4 Slim Pro 4K is very easy to perform and will not cost you much time. Just follow the steps that we are going to show you below and you will see that in a two-by-three you will have this function activated.

How to enable and set HDR resolution on PS4?


Activating this function and configuring it to your liking is not difficult, however, you will need to have certain prerequisites to be able to do so. The first thing will be to have a 2k or 4k television that has HDR technology and that supports the HDR10 format.

You will also need to have your PS4 updated to at least version 7.0 , in addition to having a PREMIUM HDMI cable. And of course also have HDR content such as games or videos to be able to play them on the screen.

If you don’t have games in this format then go to the PS4 store to buy them and try this HDR function. Once you have everything ready, it only remains to show you what is the procedure you need to perform to be able to activate this function of your PS4.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is check the manual of your television which is the HDMI port that supports the HDR format. If you already know which port that supports it then connect your HDMI PREMIUM to your PS4 console and to the TV in the corresponding port.

Step 2

Once connected, go to “Settings” inside your PS4 and go to the “Sound and screen” section and then to “Video output settings “. Once inside this menu set the HDR and deep color output settings

And voila, it was not difficult to make the HDR settings , now you can enjoy all the HDR content you want. The PS4 is without a doubt one of the best video game consoles out there today so be sure to take good care of it.

One of the things you need to do is turn your console on and off correctly to avoid any software damage . So you should do your research to make sure you take care of your PS4 Slim Pro 4K.


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