How to empty Trash automatically on Mac

We often throw everything we want out of the way to the recycle bin on Mac so it doesn’t take up space. Of course, going in every so often just to delete is something annoying, a time that we do not have to waste. Above all, if you apply the trick that we give you in the following tutorial on how to empty the Trash automatically on Mac :

Empty Trash automatically on Mac

Although in its day we already told you how to empty the trash on Mac , now we want to tell you the steps to follow to do it automatically . Because as you imagine, it is not done in the same way. With this trick you will not have to enter every time to empty everything manually.

And, the moment you delete a file in macOS, it automatically goes to the recycle bin. When we are sure that we are not going to need it, we go in and delete the trash to get rid of any trace that we do not want. But now it can be automated .

You will never again have the recycle bin full of garbage nor will you have to waste your precious time going in every little bit to see what you have to erase it. What we propose allows you to delete the recycle bin on Mac automatically every 30 days .

How do you do it? What steps do you have to follow? Simply the following:

  1. Open Finder
  2. In the Finder menu> Preferences
  3. Enter the Advanced tab
  4. Activate “Delete items from the trash after 30 days”

And ready!

It is what we show you in this image. You will simply have to activate the box that we indicate so that you can apply it. Then you close the preferences and the changes are already saved. Take the test and you will see that after 1 month it clears itself.

It is very comfortable so that you forget forever about having to empty the bin on purpose. It will take you 1 minute to activate it. Easy, fast and for the whole family.

If you think this guide on how to automatically empty Trash on Mac can be of use to your friends, you would do us a favor by sharing it. And if you have any doubts or questions, remember that you can use the comments.


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