How to eliminate Roblox lag and make the game go faster

Have you ever experienced lag in online video games ? If it has happened to you, you will surely have had a very bad time. And it is not for less, especially if you are in full battle or in a very entertaining game of Roblox .

Well, we tell you that you are not the only one who has gone through this unpleasant moment, many of us have been victims of communication delays that prevent the game from working well, the screen freezes for bursts of seconds and even create the illusion that you are playing and suddenly appear dead or somewhere else.

Fortunately, we have the solution . This time we will show you some methods to eliminate Roblox lag and make the game go faster this 2020. This will serve you both to play on mobile and tablet. Follow us!

What is lag and why does it occur on Roblox?

Lag is a delay in client-server communication . Basically you will notice it when your Internet connection is very slow or when your computer does not meet the minimum requirements to run the game.

Get out lag! With these tricks you will surely be able to accelerate Roblox to the maximum

A lag occurs when there are a large number of connected users, internet failures, the PC is very old or does not meet the required requirements, the video game is hosted on a poorly optimized server, your country is very far from the video game server.

When these types of situations happen, the online game presents certain blocks that prevent you from moving calmly , interrupted sounds, the characters go through walls or simply appear in a different place from the initial destination.

How to eliminate Roblox lag and make it go faster?

Here are several methods to remove lag and speed up Roblox to the maximum. These tricks can be applied both on PC and Android and iOS mobiles .

Move the router around

These equipments should be away from walls, white lamps or ceilings that interfere with the signal. Also, the closer they are to the computer, the better it will be for you.

Change the position of the router to improve the internet signal

So if for reasons beyond your control, it is impossible to locate the router in another area, as an advice try to change the computer of place or buy a WiFi signal repeater .

Close programs that you are not using

When playing from PC or Android and iOS devices, it is essential that you close any program, application or tabs that you keep open in the background.

This will significantly reduce the consumption of internet and computer resources, since even though you are not using it, it can be the cause of lag in Roblox .

Decrease the resolution of games

Reducing the graphics of the game works very well to eliminate lag in Roblox , both on PC and Smartphone. What you should do is go to the Roblox System configuration section and change from “Automatic” to “Manual” to adjust the values ​​to the minimum resolution.

If you are in a game, you can lower the resolution by doing the following:

Go into “Settings” and change the parameters to have a lower quality in the graphics

  • Enter “Settings” bypressing ESC or click on the hamburger menu , located in the upper left.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Change the ” Chart Mode”to Manual .
  • In “Graphics Quality”slide to the left for lower quality and higher performance.
  • Finally, press “Resume Game”or again ESC .

Limit bandwidth

If you live in a house with multiple computers connected to the network , the best thing you can do to eliminate the lag is to limit the upload and download bandwidth and put a higher speed on your PC to accelerate Roblox to the maximum level.

Hire a better internet service

If you see that none of the above methods help you eliminate lag in Roblox , it is time to request a change of plan or operator. The idea is to increase the internet speed to perceive a better connection online .

To eliminate lag in Roblox, it is best to have an optimal internet service.

And it is that most of the time, the main cause of a lag in video games is the WiFi connections , therefore you should not rule out this option.

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What do you think of these methods? Surely someone will help you eliminate the uncomfortable lag in Roblox , both on PC, Android, iOS and make it go faster this 2020.


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