How To Efficiently Lower Medals In Boom Beach – Helpful Tips

Supercell, is the company that has given us highly entertaining games like ‘Hay Day’, ‘Clash of Clans’, and ‘Clash Royale’. However, they have not been left behind and have given us in 2014 one more title to add to our favorites for mobile devices: ‘Boom Beach’, a game that combines strategy with the attack of other players’ bases.

This title has a very striking particularity, and it is its medal system: the more medals you obtain, regardless of your level or characteristics of your island, it will place you on the radar of other players with levels higher than yours if they have the same number of stars , making you an easy prey for the plunder of your resources.

How to Efficiently Lower Medals on Boom Beach – Helpful Tips

Each medal obtained during the conquest of an island of mercenaries, that is, by other Boom Beach players, will be 2, while if you attack islands generated by the system, that is, the Dark Guard , it will be just one, which in a way it benefits us to prevent more powerful rivals from targeting us.

However, when we obtain few medals, our progress towards victory will be much slower at first, so we must have intelligent techniques that keep us at bay from being a victim of circumstances but at the same time, advance as much as possible leveling up.

One of the ways in which we can make our island as unattractive as possible to mercenaries is the possibility of using all our resources, that is, gold, stone and wood in a way that strengthens our buildings. , and leaving the least amount possible in our warehouse.

Once that is done, we can place our headquarters on the shore of the beach, making the attacks of other players only decrease us in the attacks only the number of stars, without affecting our amount of available resources that we can use to improve our skills .

Recommendations to reduce your medals

Some users prefer to use as a technique for the reduction of medals to stop attacking enemy islands, although this is not a recommended technique, since we lose the ability to obtain other resources and, if we are playing with a group, we would be automatically discarded as a player Useful.

Among the characteristics that you must improve primarily, apart from the headquarters, is that of the camera to the maximum, since this will use a large part of your resources and will make your game a useful and unattractive play to be a future focus of a massacre.

The chances of attacking your island can be reduced by up to 1% if you focus first on not attacking other players until the percentage of probability of mercenary invasion reaches that level, attacking dark bases, and to decrease the probability Invasion of the Dark Guard , do not attack more than 5 bases per day.

When you attack the dark bases, do it when the chest is available, as it will allow you to use the five medals in order to open the chest and take advantage of all the benefits (maps) that can help you improve your mode of game.

Other things you can consider

Always take into account the hours you use to play, since if you manage the time correctly, you can make improvements that level all the items on your island, keeping the medals to a minimum and showing that you are an active player.

Keep in mind that when we need to be attacked to rapidly decrease our number of medals, we can have our warehouses full of resources, and our headquarters on the shore in order to get the attention of the radar of consequent mercenaries.


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