How to edit your avatar on Roblox

We are going to explain how to edit the Roblox avatar , that is, the appearance of the character that we control in the games. Roblox includes a fairly complete editor for the avatar, as well as an avatar store to add accessories, a few of them free.

The enormous popularity on Roblox among children and tweens has caused some of the best Roblox games to reach millions of users. Editing the appearance of the character or avatar with which we play is one of the keys to personalizing the experience.

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We have quite a few options to edit the avatar for free , but really the most interesting accessories are paid . They demand the use of Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency, which can only be obtained with real money, and is the source of income for the title.

Avatar editor: this is how it works on Roblox

Editing an avatar is a very similar process on computers, Android, iOS and Xbox, since the platform has the same options and only the interface changes. Let’s see the example with the web browser version:

  • The avatar editor appears in the left side menu of Roblox, simply put the word “Avatar” , always after logging in with our username and password:
  • We can also access the editor through the web browser at the following link:

Web: Avatar Editor (Roblox)

  • Upon entering, we identify the preview window on the left and all the avatar elements in the center , with a top bar that lets us explore the different categories:
  • The preview window lets us indicate the body type in percentage , 0% will be shorter and wider, 100% would be very tall and thin:
  • When pressing in 2D and 3D we change the view of the avatar when editing, if the computer is not very powerful, it is better to use 2D to make it more fluid. The R6 and R15 buttons refer to the number of joints , each game uses one system or another depending on the developer’s preference.
  • In the upper area we have a menu with the elements to edit the character , from body parts and skin color to clothing, through accessories, equipment, hairstyles, animations and the option to load avatars already created or purchased.
  • When entering a category, it allows us to choose the element from among those that we own , it also gives us recommendations from the avatar store, including free accessories and others that we must pay with virtual currency:
  • The “Create” option lets you upload clothes designed by ourselves for 10 Robux each piece. In principle we can use external photo editors to customize a template in a simple way, but the result is not so easy.
  • A special section is found in the “Body” menu, within “Scaled” , as it allows us to edit the proportions of the avatar :
  • In the “Animations” section they can be added to certain actions (walking, running, falling, jumping, swimming, climbing and inactivity), but only through the store, by default the section is empty.
  • In addition, it is possible to equip emotes to the avatar, that is, gestures, dances and other types of reactions in the style of Fortnite:
  • In the “Characters” menu we have already personalized avatar designs, in the “Purchased” section the ones we have obtained (paying or free) appear:
  • If we want to save the current avatar to use later, we will go to “Characters” and then to “Creations” , clicking on “Create new set ” we will give it a name and it will be possible to recover that aspect without editing all the elements:

On the other hand, we have explained how to get and redeem promocodes on Roblox , codes that allow us to obtain avatars, which are given away on special occasions.

Avatar store: Roblox’s source of income

Like League of Legends or Fortnite, Roblox’s monetization model is to sell cosmetic content for the game. Although it also offers private servers and displays advertisements, in the end the “skins” or virtual customizations for the avatar are its main source of income.

The avatars store is very present in Roblox and, although its use is not mandatory, it is very popular. There is not only content from the company itself, but also from external creators, who earn income from the store.

Being geared towards children, Roblox is not too aggressive in offering the integrated payments , but in the end they are what make the company viable. In fact, when editing the avatar we will see that there are few options because the objective is to encourage the purchase of the virtual currency.

This is the price of microtransactions in real money:

  • 4.99 euros for 400 Robux or 450 Robux per month with subscription.
  • 9.99 euros for 800 Robux or 1,000 Robux per month with subscription.
  • 20.99 euros for 1,700 Robux or 2,200 Robux per month with subscription.
  • 49.99 euros for 4,500 Robux.
  • 99.99 euros for 10,000 Robux.

You can pay with credit, debit, PayPal and prepaid cards that are sold in various physical stores.

As often happens in these cases, Roblox tries to get us to pay for a monthly subscription instead of making a one-time purchase . Luckily, it is a game focused on children who do not have access to real money, but its focus is not very far from other titles where teenagers spend very high amounts of money.

We already see that it is very easy to edit an avoid in Roblox , although by default there are not many options. Being a free game, which is also based on content created by the community, micropayments are essential to keep the platform running.

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