How to edit or modify a template in Outlook

In general, when constantly working with Word documents and files, you may repeat the content so much that eventually you want to save yourself a bit of time . This is why templates were invented. A tool that helps the user to optimize and organize their information and time. If you want to create your own, learn here how to modify a template in Outlook.

Whether you have to send company-like mail or forms for a certain field, Microsoft brings you different options to suit your needs. The best thing is that you can modify a template in Outlook or all the others you want in your own way. This way, you can have it ready and saved for when you need it.

Create a template with Outlook

  • Open Microsoft Office of the version you have, you can modify a template in Outlook and create it from the 2007 version.
  • Create your message by selecting the “File” menu Choose “New” and “Message.” Fill in the header and body data of what the message will be.
  • Once you have the content ready select “Save as” in the lower box to choose the save format, choose ” Outlook Template “. Select the name you want to give it and that’s it.

Steps to edit and modify a template in Outlook

You can change or modify a template in Outlook of any type, whether it is default that has been made by you in the past. Follow the steps below and discover how easy it will be to do this.

  • Open the file through Microsoft Word. Select “File” and “Open.” Then double click on “This computer”.
  • Select the folder “Custom office templates” located in “My documents” and open your template with one click.
  • Use the Word tools to make the modifications you want until you have your ideal template.

Add building block to your template

These creative blocks allow you to add extra content from other files and are stored in the gallery. In this way, they can be used on any other occasion. When creating them, you can save and distribute them in your templates.

More specifically, they are like separate forms that can serve as options or additional information to the user . For example, if your company makes an information template and needs to separate different groups, use this option. Thus, you generate other documents that allow whoever fills the form to choose other options.

Content controls for Outlook templates

This feature will add more flexibility to your template. The content controls can be texts, photos or images, lists or selection of dates.

An example is that, when creating a template , you can add a list that is editable, so that, in this way, the user can select. It is useful, if you want to know more about the people you deal with in a certain specific environment.

To use this content control function, you must have a version higher than Word 2013 , otherwise you will not be able to access it or they will not be available.

Rich texts through content controls

With the rich texts, whoever makes use of the template once it is ready, can modify the text, changing the font size   or modify the margins according to their convenience. For this, bold or italics and underlining are used. The creator of a template, you can even limit the number of words.

To install one, click on the space where you want to install the control and in the controls window, select “Developer.” Click on “Rich Text Content Control” or “Plain Text Content Control .” The latter is the one that allows the user to have no restrictions.


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