How to edit Instagram profile

A few weeks ago you created your Instagram account and, in signing up to the social network, you weren’t there to think about it much: you chose the first username that came to your mind, you set the first profile photo you found yourself at hand and you have entered a brief description, without giving too much weight. With the passing of the days, however, you have had second thoughts and, now, you would like to understand how to remedy it to get a better profile.

How do you say? The situation is precisely what I have described and would you like to know how to modify the Instagram profile in order to “fix” all the things that are wrong? Of course, don’t worry, I’m here to help you. In the next chapters, in fact, I will provide you with all the indications on how to change the main sections of your profile. In addition, I will give you some advice – I hope useful – to make your profile more in line with your tastes.

Courage: spend five minutes (or a little more) of your precious time reading the information you find in this tutorial and you will see that, in the end, you will have perfectly clear ideas about the different solutions you can put in place to modify your profile, even in relation to the possibility of regulating its privacy or converting it into a professional account. At this point, I just have to wish you good reading and have fun!


  • How to change Instagram profile from Android and iOS
  • How to change Instagram profile from PC
  • How to edit Instagram profile privately
  • How to change Instagram profile in business
  • How to change Instagram profile from business to private

How to change Instagram profile from Android and iOS

To start, I want to explain how to change the Instagram profile by acting from the app of the famous social network for Android (downloadable from the Play Store or alternative stores ) and iPhone (downloadable from the App Store ).

Therefore, after logging into your account , presses on the thumbnail of your profile located at the bottom right and, on your profile screen , tap on the Edit profile button located at the top.

Now, if you want to change the profile picture , press the Change profile picture item located at the top and choose whether to import the photo from Facebook ( Import from Facebook ), take a photo on the spot ( Take photo ) or select one one from your device library ( Choose from library ).

Wondering how to change Instagram profile name ? Don’t worry, you can always act through the edit section of your profile: tap on the Name field , if you want to change your real name, or on that Username , if you want to change your nickname on Instagram, as I have also explained to you. in my more specific tutorial on the subject.

To change the description of your profile, however, you must refer to the Biography text field , where you can use up to 150 characters to write a description that represents your account. When the changes are finished, tap on the End item , at the top right, to save the changes.

If, on the other hand, you need to change your Instagram password , press the ☰ icon and select the Settings item from the menu that is proposed to you.

Once this is done, presses on the Security> Password items , fill in the Current Password field with your current password and those New password and Repeat the new password with the new password you want to set (choose a safe one , please). Finally, press the Save item (top right) to save the changes made.

If you wish, you can also change the aesthetic appearance of your Instagram profile, for example by creating featured stories that highlight some content you have created. To do this, all you have to do is press the (+) button next to the featured stories section , in order to select previously created stories to always have in the foreground on your profile. Once you have created you want some personalization tips, I suggest you read my tutorial in which I tell you how to name the featured stories on Instagram .

As for the aesthetic aspect and, therefore, any changes related to the style of your Instagram profile, you must know that, by default, the social network does not allow you to apply any changes to the graphics of your profile.

However, you can customize your profile using third-party solutions, going to use apps or websites for changing fonts , so that you can write with different fonts, to be used, for example, in the caption of your posts.

Or, again, if you intend to create a Feed that stands out from the others, you can use apps to divide an image into several sections , in order to obtain a sort of mosaic and publish the final result on the social network.

Still as regards the aesthetic changes that you can apply to your profile, I suggest reading my tutorial dedicated to tips for creating an Instagram aesthetic profile .

In addition, for further advice on this, you can read my guide in which I tell you about the apps to organize Instagram or my tutorial dedicated to the tips to be implemented to organize the Instagram Feed .

How to change Instagram profile from PC

Would you like to edit your Instagram profile from PC ? Don’t worry, you can do it through its official website or by using its application for Windows 10 and later. Below you will find explained how to proceed.

To get started, first connect to Instagram by logging into your account if necessary. Then, if you want to change the profile photo , click on your profile icon , at the top right, and press the Profile and Edit profile buttons .

In the new page that appears, then click on the Change profile picture item and select the Upload photo option in the menu that is shown to you. Then select the photo you want to use and that’s it.

Also to change the profile description you have to act through the Edit profile screen : all you have to do is fill in the field adjacent to the Biography item as you see fit (you can use a maximum of 150 characters). Once the changes are finished, click on the Submit button to confirm and apply the changes.

To change the name and / or nickname you can always proceed through the Edit profile section . To do this, refer to the Name and / or Username text fields and edit your real name and / or nickname respectively. Also in this case, then proceed to save the changes made by clicking on the Send button located at the bottom.

Finally, if you need to change your account password , click on the Change profile and Change password items . Once this is done, fill in the Old password field with the password currently in use and those New password and Confirm the new password with the password you want to use (choose a safe one , please). When you are done, click on the Change password button at the bottom to save the changes.

How to edit Instagram profile privately

Do you want to intervene on the privacy of the Instagram account to make your profile from public become private (therefore visible only to those who have a specific authorization) or vice versa? In this case, to do this from Android and iOS , press the ☰ icon located at the top right of the main screen of the app and then press on the Settings and Privacy items .

Once this is done, move the switch next to the Private account item to ON to turn the profile into private. If, on the other hand, your account is private, move the aforementioned switch to OFF and press the Switch to public mode button to return to the public profile.

To proceed from the PC , on the other hand, presses on the Edit profile> Privacy and security items , then check the Private account box , to make your account private. If, on the other hand, you wish to make it public, remove the check mark and click the OK button , in response to the confirmation notice.

If you think you need more explanation about it, read my tutorial on how to put the private profile on Instagram

How to change Instagram profile in business

Would you like to turn your Instagram account into a business profile , in order to obtain advanced statistics and other functions dedicated to the business world? In this case, start the Instagram app on your device, press the ☰ icon and press the Settings item .

Now, tap on the Account heading and select the item Switch to a professional account . Once this is done, click on the Continue button , set a category for your account, also choosing between Company or Creator and click on the Finish button to end the operation.

If you think you need more information about it, you can read my tutorial on how to put your company profile on Instagram .

How to change Instagram profile from business to private

Have you set up a corporate Instagram account but now you have changed your mind and are wondering how to change your Instagram profile from corporate to private ? In that case, in order to do this, you must first switch back to a personal account , as corporate Instagram accounts cannot be set as private.

Therefore, go to the Settings> Account> Change the account type of the Instagram app and press the Switch to personal account option twice in a row. Once this is done, you can set your account as private via the Settings> Privacy> Private account section , as explained in the previous chapter .

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