How to edit an image in Word with text from the Android cell phone

Word belongs to the family of programs developed by Microsoft. It is a platform for creating and editing documents in the form of texts. This tool is essential for users who need to carry out research work through the computer and other electronic devices.

The tools in Microsoft Word are innumerable. It has more than 40 different types of fonts , application of margins with pre-established measures or with the option of being edited to suit the user.

Word has also incorporated a tool that has become a fundamental part of the document and is the insertion of an image to the text sheet , so that the person can include information and add images allusive to it.

But this is not all, since nowadays it is possible to use this text program on any device, including Android mobile devices.

How to edit an image in Word with text from the Android cell phone?

Microsoft is currently the most important word processor in the world, this is due to its transcendence between generations and the various modifications that have been carried out in the program. It is quite common to call a text written on a computer “Word” and this reflects its importance to society.

It is estimated that about 30 million users go to the computer daily to create, edit and print documents , and this number has increased with the emergence of new smart devices such as Smartphones and Tablets, in addition to laptops or laptops.

Word is applied in different areas in human life. Some examples are, that of a student who goes to the processor to carry out a research work, or that of an employee who makes reports from time to time to reflect the progress and income of the company.

Steps to edit an image in Word with text from the Android cell phone

Due to all that we have mentioned above, it is crucial to understand how each of the tools works in Microsoft Word and how we can use them to our advantage. If you need to insert and edit an image in the program, you must follow the following steps:

First of all, you must have a base of the information that you are going to include in the document. That is, the texts must be previously studied and established as well as the images that you are going to insert. It is important to mention that the insertion process will be a bit more laborious than on the computer.

Procedure for editing images in Word with texts from the Android device

  • The first thing you need to do is enter Microsoft Word and select the location of the image you need to insert.
  • Then, at the top of the application you will find a menu of tools. Click on the pencil icon .
  • Next, a bar with different options will be displayed. You must enter a tool that has an image icon (a representation of a miniature landscape is shown).
  • Later, you will be redirected to the folders on your mobile device where the multimedia content is located. You may even be shown “cloud” storage .
  • However! to edit we must use the cursor or pointer to choose the orientation of the image and its size; as well as the exact location in the document.
  • To edit the text in the image, click on it to display a tab called “Format” .
  • Then we enter the “corrections” option to access the tools menu and select the editing option we need.

Some tips to edit an image in Word with text from the cell phone

The quality of the image that is inserted in a text document represents a fundamental aspect for the reader, tries to use creative and authentic images , which are strongly associated with the subject that is being exposed in the texts.

You can develop a so-called “mind map” , which is basically composed of images that expose a specific topic or point, according to the type of document you are writing. However, this will depend on the type of document you are making


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