How to Edit an Image for a PowerPoint Presentation

We have all needed to make a PowerPoint presentation , whether for college, university or to present a project at work. However, many people don’t know how to use the tools PowerPoint has to offer , and some people may not even know they have them.

However, in PowerPoint you can make almost all the edits you want to your presentation, without having to resort to other programs that can be very complicated to use.

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  1. How do I insert an image into my slideshow?
    1. Pasting the image
    2. Insert an image from your PC
  2. What image editing tools does PowerPoint have?
    1. Resizing
    2. Rotation
    3. Cutout
    4. Removing backgrounds from images
    5. Image Effects
  3. What is the procedure to put an image as the background of our presentation?
  4. How do I leave a still image in my slideshow?

How do I insert an image into my slideshow?

If you want to add or insert an image to your PowerPoint presentation , you can do it in two different ways, in addition, it does not imply any difference when editing the presentation. Also, the ways to insert an image to your PowerPoint presentation are as follows:

Pasting the image

You can add an image to your PowerPoint just by pasting , with the pasting function that the computer has using the Mouse or Touchpad in case you have a laptop. Pasting an image to your presentation is very easy to do, for this you just have to follow these easy steps:

  • Find the image you want to addto your PowerPoint, it can be from a web page, from your browser or from a folder on your computer.
  • Then, place your mouse cursor (the arrow) over the image, and press the right click, followed by a menu where you must press “Copy Image”.
  • Now you must open the PowerPoint presentation where you want to add the image and place your mouse cursor on the slide where you want to put it.
  • Finally, press on the right click, with which a menu will be displayed again and, this time, you must select one of the paste options.

Once this is done, the image will have been pasted into your PowerPoint presentation, and you will be able to make all the edits you want.

Insert an image from your PC

If you want to insert into your PowerPoint an image that you already have saved on your PC or computer, you can do it quickly thanks to the tools offered by the program, you just have to follow these easy steps:

  • To begin, you must enter your PowerPoint presentationand place the mouse cursor over the place where you want to insert the image.
  • Now, go to the toolbar, located at the top of the presentation, and press the “Insert” option, followed by the “Images” option.
  • Next, a window will open where you must find the folder on your PC where the image you want to insert is located, and select the image.
  • Finally, press the “Insert” button and the image will be added to your PowerPoint slide, where you can edit it with the toolsthat the program offers you.

What image editing tools does PowerPoint have?

PowerPoint has a long list of tools with which you can do countless things to your presentations, among them are the image editing options, which will help you give it the look you want, among those options are:


This tool allows you to change the dimensions to the images you want, by inserting an image or selecting it within the presentation you can resize it by pressing and moving the white circles that are located on the edges of the image. With it you can convert the image bigger, smaller, wide or long, just directing the white circles until you get the size you want.

There is also another way to resize the images if you want them to have an exact size, for this you must right click on the image and select the “Size and position” option . When you do this, a menu with the image settings will be displayed, where you can change both the width and the height of the image.


Rotation is used to rotate the images to any direction, whether you want to set it at 45 °, rotate horizontally or upside down, with this tool you can perform any of these actions. To do this, you just have to select the image of your presentation, in it you can see white circles on the edges and a circular arrow at the top, with it you can rotate the image in the direction you want.

As to resize, if you want to rotate the image in an exact position, you just have to right click on it and select the option “Size and position” . On the right side of the presentation, a settings menu will be displayed, in which you can rotate the image the degrees you want, with the “rotate” option.

If you only want to rotate the image sideways, vertically or horizontally, about 90 ° or 180 °, you can go to the “Format” option that will appear in the toolbar when selecting an image. There you can see the option “rotate”, which will propose 4 different directions to rotate, you can rotate the image 90 ° to the right or left, and flip the image horizontally or vertically .


If you want to crop the image, but not resize, this is the right tool for that job, with it you can remove parts of the image that you consider to be too much.

To crop an image in PowerPoint you just have to go to the “format” option that you can see in the toolbar and go to the “Crop” section. There you can select how you want to crop the image , clicking on the “Crop” option, either manually, with shapes or with the appearance you want it to have.

Removing backgrounds from images

You will think that removing the background from an image could only be done with a photo editing program, however, PowerPoint also offers you this tool. With it you can remove the background of any image (with a solid color background) so your slide can look a little more professional.

To do this, you just have to insert into your presentation the image from which you want to remove the background, select it and go to “Format”, located in the toolbar. Finally, you just have to press the option “Remove background” , there you will be able to see some tools with which you can select which part of the image you want to remove or keep, once the background has been removed, just press “Keep changes” and your image will be ready.

Image Effects

Finally, among the tools to edit an image in PowerPoint, we also have the options to add effects, be it brightness, color or even artistic effects.

These three options can be found by selecting the image to edit and selecting the “Format” option in the toolbar. Already in the image editing options you can add contour, effects such as shading, blurring and even designs for presentations.

In addition, you can modify the image brightness and color in the “Corrections” and “Color” options, respectively, where you will see the image to be edited with different tones and colors. On the other hand, there is another tool called “Artistic Effects”, with which, as its name says, you can add different artistic effects to the image.

What is the procedure to put an image as the background of our presentation?

Many times when presenting in PowerPoint, we do not like or do not want to use the default layout formats for slide backgrounds. However, there is a tool with which you can put the image you want as the background of your presentation , for this you just have to follow these steps:

  • To start, open the PowerPoint presentation to which you want to put an image as the background, and go to the “Design” option located on the toolbar.
  • Now, press the option “Background format”, located at the end of the toolbar and select the option “Fill with image or texture”.
  • Likewise, a background settings menu will be displayed, go to the option “Insert the image from” and select “File”.
  • To conclude, choose from your computer the image you want to put in the background of your slides and press “Insert”, so you willfinally have the image of your choice in the background . If you want the image to be applied in the background to all the slides of that presentation, just press “Apply to all”, and then they will all have the same background.

How do I leave a still image in my slideshow?

Although there is currently no tool to fix an image to a PowerPoint presentation, the Office suite announced that the “Fix” option would soon be included in its program . You can get more information about the new updates by going to the official Microsoft Office page .

However, there is another tool that allows you to join or group an image with another, or with a text box , ideal if you want to modify something in your presentation, but that both things move together.


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