How to edit an audio or mp3 song in GarageBand? Fast and easy

Editing an audio in GarageBand may seem like something from another world, but, to tell the truth, this editing tool offers you great facilities to do this task. Not only is it a versatile application, it can also work with a varied number of formats, mainly MP3, which will surely be the extension of choice for many.

Before starting

Before you can perform an audio edit, you have to know the previous procedures such as opening the program, creating a session and adding an audio file to the program.

Open or run the program

Of course, and as expected, before editing an audio in GarageBand the first thing you should do is open the program, either from the Mac desktop or from the applications menu. By locating the famous icon, represented by a guitar in autumn colors, you can run the program by quickly double clicking or from the secondary click shortcut.

Create a new session

Now, if the program is already open, the next thing you should do is create a new session . How is it done? Accessing one of the tabs above, called ” File “.

When you select this section, you will see how different options are shown to choose from, from which you will choose the one that says ” New ” and then “New music project “. Now it only remains to choose the name of the session, for example, MP3, and finish this step by selecting the button in the window that says “ Create ”.

Insert the audio file

Then, to be able to edit an audio in GarageBand, you can choose to drag the media file to the main screen of the program after creating the session. So, locate the audio you want to work with among the folders on your computer.

Once you find it, shrink the size of the window so that it is much easier to see where you are going to drop it. Now, holding down the mouse click on the file and move it to the window of the program in question, adding icon, then release the click will appear.

Start editing audio in GarageBand

Now, after you’ve done the above procedures, you’re ready to learn the basics of GarageBand editing, like cutting content, slowing down audio , blurring, and hiding track content.

Cut audio content

To cut the track when editing an audio in GarageBand you must move the mouse pointer to any of the corners that are shown in the time bar, and that represent the content of the file. When you do this, an arrow will appear with which you can drag the track to cut the audio, this can be done from the main or final corner of the MP3.

If at any point you cut more content than you wanted, you can still take the beginning of the song and stretch it to recover what was lost.

Audio blur

One of the most common effects in editing sounds in this program is blurring, and you can achieve this by clicking on a down arrow located in the track name.

When you do this, you will open the command “Control volume” of the audio. Select this to create a break point, which you can move up or down. This will create an increase and decrease in the volume of the track at a certain point in the song, and you can create as many points as you think necessary in the MP3.

Track Effects

These can be added from the “View / Hide Track Information” button located in the lower right corner, and then press the arrow next to ” Details “. Within this option you can add different effects such as ” Equalize “, ” Compress “, ” Distort “, as well as a wide variety of effects that you can add.


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