How to edit a video without Final Cut and Premiere

Five apps and software for those looking for a viable alternative to popular programs.

Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro are the main software for video editing: the first developed by Adobe, the second by Apple. Both are paid and don’t come cheap. At the same time, they also require computers that are powerful enough to perform their functionality at their best. For those who do not want to spend, La Stampa recommends five free software and apps to edit video files, with a smartphone or with your computer.

Magisto – available for Android and iOS
Magisto is the app for those who want to edit short videos without lifting a finger. In fact, the application is equipped with artificial intelligence that modifies the contents independently . To use it just click on “Get started”, choose the model you want to apply to the file and wait a few minutes. The app is free but in the free version it has some limitations: for example it is impossible to create videos longer than 15 minutes or select more than 10 photos to add to the video.


Kinemaster – available for Android and iOS
From an application dedicated to beginners, we move on to a more complete software. Kinemaster allows you to edit videos by cutting them and adding titles and background images . At the same time, it can also create montages, starting from predefined templates. It is a simple product to use and editing can be said to be professional , without having all the features of Final Cut or Premiere. Obviously, Kinemaster is also available in a free and paid version, with additional features.


iMovie – available for iOS and macOS

For those who own a Mac or an iPhone, iMovie is the software / app par excellence. A program to edit videos, easily and with the need to create products close to the most professional ones . The user can decide to apply predetermined templates or to cut clips, add a portion of video, insert fades, titles and music files. Finally, there is no need to download iMovie. it is already present as a “standard” app on Mac and iPhone.


Filmmaker Pro – available for iOS
Last May, Apple recommended Filmmaker Pro as its free app of the day. The software allows you to edit videos on iPhone with a touch of professionalism. In fact, it is an intuitive and easy to use product, with the ability to edit clips, slow them down, speed them up, insert effects, change colors and exposure . Some features are the same as those of products considered more professional: such as the choice of the export frame rate and the aspect ratio of the composition.


Avidemux – available for Windows, Linux and macOS
Avidemux is free software, based on the Gnu license. We recommend it for ease of use and completeness of the software . Avidemux is a complete product, with a very minimal interface. It allows you to convert a file from one format to another and use multiple tracks (audio and video) at the same time. The important thing is that they have the same resolution. At the same time, you can also apply effects and titles to your movies. In short, a good compromise for those who do not want to download or buy more professional software.


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