How to easily view and manage your Google Maps location history

Current technology allows such impressive things as sending your location in real time via WhatsApp and other services. In any case, it is recommended to manage the stored locations, so with this tutorial we will teach you how to view and manage the location history of Google Maps in a simple way , a useful function if you use this Google App.

Google Maps and locations

Today Google is a company of undisputed prestige, something that is largely due to its search engine and the Android operating system. In addition to this, it has one of the most complete location systems that exist , Google Maps.

Google Maps is an application designed to know with great precision the location of places. In fact, it is possible to find restaurants near your location with Google Maps and many actions that make life easier. In turn, it presents the GPS option that allows you to see in real time how far or near you are from a place.

Similarly, Google Maps can store information related to the locations you have visited previously, we will talk about this below.

Activate the Location history or verify that it is activated

Before making any modifications related to locations, it will be necessary to verify that location history is enabled . This will be necessary for Google to save the places you visit, otherwise they will not be stored. In turn, you can deactivate the option if you do not want this information to be stored.

  • To activate or deactivate the location history, it will be necessary to access the Android location options. To do this, simply go to the “Settings” section of your mobile. Once there, locate the section “Biometric data and security” (this may vary depending on the mobile).
  • Now locate the “Location” section and simply click on it. At the bottom of the screen you will see different settings, this time you must click on ” Google location history “.
  • By doing the above, if you have multiple accounts on your device, you must select the one you want to check. Doing this will upload the location section to the Google account.
  • In this section you must activate the option (Location history). By doing this, the places we visit will begin to be saved on our mobile . Clearly, you can also disable it if you want to disable this feature.
  • It is from this section that we can manage the previous locations. Simply click on “Manage activity” . After this, you will be able to see the locations you have visited, but there is certainly an easier way to enter this section.

Use Google Maps to view your location history and configure it

Google Maps can be very useful for locating specific places in your city or even putting the location in a Facebook Messenger story . You also have the option of mobilizing and locating yourself with the GPS that is included in every modern phone. Similarly, Google stores the places we visit and this can be configured with the Maps App.

  • If you simply want to see the locations you have visited, it will be necessary to go to the Google Maps application .
    In the upper left you will see three horizontal lines, press on them to access the menus. “Your places” will be displayed, click on that option to see your locations.
  • In this section you can label locations so that you indicate where your work or home is located. You can clearly modify other places , all depending on what you want.
  • If you want to see the history of your locations, simply select the “Visited” option at the top. The places you have visited will be displayed here, however, you can delete and manage this information as you wish. Clearly deleting the location history of Google Maps goes much further, but the above is the most basic.


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