How to easily restore or recover the address bar in Safari?

Recovering the address bar in Safari is a situation that many users of this popular browser may face during its use, as it is common that when accessing some pages it no longer appears in its usual place.

This function of the program is aimed at improving the content viewing experience and improving the speed of page loads. But, it becomes a problem when you need to use the address bar, in fact, it does not reappear automatically, you must restore it.

Why does the search bar disappear?

As you have already read, this is a way to optimize and improve the display of certain content, so you will notice that it usually happens when you open a new window from a link .

The latter, when executed, may undergo a change in preferences or settings, which is why you stop seeing this important element to use the browser with ease.

But, if you close the window and open a new one, will it be fixed? The answer is a negative, the values ​​that this window presents will remain in the one you open later. So closing and reopening Safari will not solve your problem.

Restore the address bar in Safari

That the address bar in Safari disappears can represent a great inconvenience to use this browser regularly . But, recovering it or returning it to its place is much easier than it seems, it starts with knowing which version of safari your browser has.

The View tab

The first thing you should do is go to Safari and point your pointer to the top of the screen. Well, in the upper belt of options you will have to click on the “View” or “View” tab so that the corresponding menu appears.

Activate the toolbar

The next step is to reactivate the display of that item. Well, surely, this mode is deactivated and therefore you cannot find it in its usual place.

But, the address bar in Safari is linked or is associated with the “Toolbar” of the program. So if the latter has been removed or its display settings have been changed, the former will be affected.

Then, from the “View” menu, you will only have to choose to click on the first option shown, which is called “Show toolbar” and, in this way, you will also be recovering the space for searches. You can also learn how to activate the bookmarks bar here.

The first method did not work for me

If you followed the above procedure and still have not been able to restore the address bar in Safari , it may be due to some extra modification that you made previously in the mentioned toolbar.

In this case, there is another easy path you can follow to make it reappear in its place, so that you can navigate and use it as usual, so make sure you are in Safari to get started.

Now, in the upper panel of the window you have to choose again the tab for the “Display” options but, this time, you will prefer the second item, the one that indicates “Customize toolbar”.

As a consequence, you will have a new configuration window before you, in which the application tells you that you must drag the element you want to add to your toolbar.

Following these instructions, what you should do is grab the search bar and, with the click and hold, move it to the browser window. Keep in mind that you have to drag it to the top of it, where it would normally be located, and then release it to insert it into the tool belt.

That is how easy you will have restored your address and search bar, and if the problem happens again that it disappears. You just have to repeat the process, which as you have seen is very fast and easy.


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