How to easily open or create maps with Google Earth?

The big technology Google is known for all its services that solve the lives of many of its users in almost all aspects of daily life. One of those tools is the maps it offers. And, in case you didn’t know, it is much more than just maps and routes. In fact, you can create maps with Google Earth super easy, if you want to know more about this, keep reading.

You may be thinking, why want to create my own map? But, in fact, it could come in handy on certain occasions. For example, if you are going on a trip, you can plan your own tourist route by planning the sites and the route that best suits you. Another great utility that this program has is that it allows you to measure the distance of the route you want to do .

Thus, you will avoid wasting time and even yours. Also, you can play with it and if you live in a big city, go exploring and use pins to mark places that you like. Then you could invite your friends.

In order to better locate yourself in your surroundings and make sure you follow the correct path, you can take satellite photos or capture satellite images to know where you want to go and its characteristics.

Learn to edit, change and create maps with Google Earth easily

One of the best advantages of being able to create maps with Google Earth is that you can then save and share them. Also, you can edit them and add or remove a special place or point.

One of the things that you should take into consideration before starting to create maps in Google Earth is that, it is best to do them from the computer , and of course directly from the Chrome browser.

These map files will be stored in the Drive cloud , although they do not take up any space. If you enjoy making your own maps, it is best to save them all in a separate folder to prevent them from being deleted.

Do it yourself, create your first map

  • You must be logged into your Google session, now, on the left side of the screen, in the search bar, press the drop-down menu. Choose the option ” Your Sites ” from the list that appears.
  • You will see four sections, position yourself in “Maps” and there you will be able to see the files that you create. Just below the window, you will find the option ” Create map “.
  • You can give your map the name you want and change its view settings to classic, relief, satellite or political mode.
  • From here everything basically depends on you. You can start with the name of the area you want to visit with the search engine to position yourself in the area. And so, marking the places within that area.
  • You have functions so that you can draw routes, add markers to places, create routes from one point to another and measure distances.
  • Also, as you use the search engine or add places, you can see their classification, contact number. Add it to the map with the “Add to map ” option .

Since creating maps with Google Earth is quite easy and even entertaining, you just have to adapt it to your needs and see what suits you best. The best thing is that everything is automatically saved so do not forget to put a title that is easy to remember.

The map viewer

When you are in the map viewer, you cannot access the editing of the maps . However, you can open them, share the map or search for content and places within it. Also, switch to satellite view.

If you are making a map or you already have one ready and you want to see how it will be when using it on the route, you can select “Preview”. There you can see it through this viewer. Also, you can collaborate with a friend, modifying their map, you only have to be authorized to do so.

Google Earth gives you the option to view maps created by third parties and staff options or popular maps. You just have to go to “Explore” found in “My maps”, you can see those that have been shared with you or your creations.

Google Earth can work with multiple programs, one of them is Excel where you can import coordinates and addresses.


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