How to easily make or create a tree diagram in Word

Microsoft Word offers us so many options to work and create content that it is almost impossible to decipher everything that can be done there. From written works, to documents with images , timelines, concept and mind maps , and also diagrams. Today we explain how to create a tree diagram in Word . But first, let’s take a look at what a tree diagram is and what it’s useful for.

What is a tree diagram and what is it for?

A tree diagram is a method used to establish a solution through the various parts that surround the problem or issue. It could also be said that it is a way to identify and capture all the parts required to result in reaching a single and final objective.

So, it is used to highlight the objectives about a particular issue, to reach a goal or conclusion in a concise way.

It is exemplified with a tree because the objective or central problem would be the “trunk” of the tree and the sub elements that come out of it and that help to reach the objective would be the “branches” of the tree diagram. This organization is very similar to what a mind map would have , which you can also do in Word if you wish.

As for what it is for, the tree diagram has numerous uses in different fields such as science and for solving problems.

These types of diagrams are useful to highlight the importance of finding solutions to problems that arise. Likewise, it allows to analyze and evaluate the consequences that could be generated as a result of the solutions that are proposed.

How to easily make or create a tree diagram in Word

Given how useful a tree diagram can be in your work or in class, you should learn to do it once and for all with the help of Word . So pay close attention to the step by step that we will give you below.

  1. The first thing to do is open a document in Word , this can be a blank one or where you need and want to work. Once you have opened the document in question, you should go to the section of the document where you want to capture your tree diagram.
  2. Go to the Insert option, which is among the options that are on the top bar of the screen.
  3. Now, you must click on SmartArt and a pop-up window will open with all the graphics available for use.
  4. Just on the left side of this window there is a column where the graphics are classified by group. You should not confuse it with the section where you can create statistical graphs , it is something completely different. In this column select the Hierarchy option, since that’s where you can make your tree diagram.
  5. Now you must click OK to have your basic tree diagram structure ready to adapt to your needs.
  6. Now you can add text and images where indicated within the tree diagram. You can easily edit everything in your tree diagram through the Design and Format options found under the SmartArt Tools section.
  7. If you want to change the color or structure of your tree diagram, you must go to Design and do it from there. On the other hand, if you want to change the filling and size of the shape separately or change the color of the letter, you must go to the Format section and do it from there.
  8. To add more points or “branches” to your diagram, you must click on a button on the left side of your diagram and a drop-down menu will open. Then you must stand on one of the existing points and press the Enter key and by default another point will be added to the diagram. To add a sub-point, you must also stand on an existing point and press the Tab key .

Add any other details and information to your diagram, add finishing touches, and voila! You will have your tree diagram completely finished. By following these steps and experimenting with the tools that Word offers you, you can create a good tree diagram in minutes. And if you want it to be really original, insert some images into your document; you will see how it becomes much more attractive.


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