How to easily join or combine Microsoft Access databases?

In the world there are many database management programs, but few like Acces. This one literally has functions so optimized that it seems like you don’t have to do anything to create queries and forms . That is why everyone wants to learn about it and with that in mind today you will see How to join or combine Microsoft Access databases?

And, the best thing you can do to learn about a program is to look for guides that take you by the hand step by step, especially on topics like this, which require you to handle certain knowledge about numbers and procedures that you may never have you have seen in your life.

What is Acces?

Now, to be able to start on the right foot the process that will help you answer the question , How to join or combine Microsoft Access databases ? , First you have to learn a little context about what is this program itself.

Basically it is a system that allows you to manage databases freely. This first appeared in the 365 office suite, and since then it has risen to rank among the first in the world in terms of database creation and management.

Its growth was not by chance, but because it literally has a lot of functions, for example: It allows management through reports and queries, it can collect data from other programs such as Excel and Sharepoint (you can literally export data from Access Formatted Excel in just a few clicks).


In addition to this, it allows you to follow up on specific issues or purposes, such as: a customer’s orders, or the list of things to buy for the company. However, the best thing about this program is its great versatility.

Since to work you do not need a latest model computer, all it requires is to have a good internal memory and any Windows installed (it is recommended to have the latest version of the program to do the work, but create reports in Acces 2010, it is also feasible join and combine databases).


How to join or combine Microsoft Access databases?

Now that you have all the above information in your head, it is time to start with the explanation that will help you solve the question , How to join or combine Microsoft Access databases?

The first thing you have to do is open the program, then go to the menu called “File”, and there select “Blank database” , that will allow you to create a new database to which you must name want.

At the end of choosing the same, click on ” Create ” and immediately after pressing on the tab “External data “, this will allow you to access certain types of options where you must choose ” Import and link” , and then click “Access”.

With this action you will enter the import wizard, inside it, look for the first database you want to add, and from it import all the material you need, such as tables, forms, reports, among others (the good thing about the wizard is that you can leave out what is obsolete), when you have finished discriminating, accept.

Add the second database

Now that you know how to add a database, you are closer to answering How to join or combine Microsoft Access databases? , the only thing you need is to add the second base, and for that you just have to open the assistant again and pass the corresponding data.


In the event that you have objects in them with the same name, then numbers will be added at the end to differentiate them, and if you have duplicate tables with different information, then you should create the appended data query, to copy the records from one to another. .

If you want to achieve that go to ” Create ” and then to “Query design”, then to “Show table”, in this drag to the list of fields that will show all the fields, to finish right click on the query and click to “Type of query” and finally to “Appended data query”, then just choose the destination table and that’s it.

In case you want to do more specific work in this program, you can choose to create a query between dates or by ranges in Access . That will help you when it comes to work.


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