How to easily isolate, group, combine or expand objects in Illustrator

The world of design is constantly advancing in terms of technological tools. To enter this universe where creativity and discipline reign in each of the jobs you take on, it is important to have programs or applications that provide you with a greater variety of tools and functions to achieve extraordinary results . This time, you will learn how to isolate, group, combine or expand objects in Illustrator, in an extraordinary and easy way.

To begin with, computers and mobile devices are essential elements in this area. More than elements, they are vital tools to develop, correctly, all the ideas that come to your mind.

Adobe Illustrator, the graphics editor you cannot miss

Within all the universality of programs or applications that you can find on the web, without a doubt, Adobe Illustrator does not go under the table.

This is a graphics editor with an interface that closely resembles a workshop. Since its launch in 1987, it has implemented the tools necessary to position itself as one of the designers’ favorite programs .

First steps

Once you acquire Adobe Illustrator and install it on your computer, it is time to start enjoying the many advantages that this spectacular program offers you.

More freedom to your imagination

Creativity comes from many places. For many people, the center of inspiration is improvisation . And what better way to improvise than with shapes ? Inserting objects in both Illustrator and any other program dedicated to design can end up with really incredible results.

Extra cool features

Once you feel that this set of objects or shapes can make some sense, you will have to carry out various actions or carry out certain operations that guide you to obtain the result you are looking for . Learn to isolate, group objects in Illustrator in a simple way.

Group and combine the objects of your design

To do this, you will use some Adobe Illustrator commands , so that you will be surprised how extraordinarily easy it can be to create extraordinary designs with this tool.

  • Through the command Ctrl + G, previously selecting your design, all the objects that are part of your design will be grouped . You can too:
    • Select the layout.
    • Click on “Object”.
    • Select the “Group” option.
  • Now, if you need to combine elements , use the “shape creator” function.
    • Select the objects to combine.
    • Locate the function in the tool ribbon on the left side of your screen.
    • Click on a shape and drag the cursor to the point where the other object is.
    • In case you need to combine more shapes, you should select them, click on the tool and then select all the shapes again but using the “Shift” key while making the selection.

In this way, you will be able to select your design and combine it completely and move it without it being distorted, disordered or any other alteration that could spoil your work.

Make the necessary modifications by ungrouping or isolating objects

Otherwise, if before exporting or printing your work, you want to make the modifications that you consider necessary so that your design is perfect, you just have to select your design and, later:

  • Use the command Shift + Ctrl + G to ungroup.
  • In the same way, you can click on “Object” and select “Ungroup”.
  • You can also isolate an element, using the selection tool and clicking on the “Isolate” option.

Thus, you can select individual elements of your design and isolate or ungroup them to change their position or make any type of modification exclusively on that object.

Last recommendation: define the size

To give the finishing touches to your design, it is important that these are of a good size so that they can be detailed as best as possible . How to expand an object in Illustrator? Super easy, you just have to:

  • Go to the “Object” tab.
  • Click on “Expand”.
  • Begin to use the different points of one of the objects to alter its size.

How easy is it?

With these simple prompts, you’re ready to start isolating, grouping, combining, and expanding objects in Adobe Illustrator, making your job a lot easier than you thought it could be. What are you waiting to try it?


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