How to easily install Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels

It is no secret to anyone that one of the best known and most used operating systems in the world is Windows. Since it has very easy-to-use tools and applications that allow us to carry out professional-grade jobs. But the question always arises when we want to buy a Mac Os computer and that we want to use Windows applications.

It is for this question that we bring you this tutorial so you can learn how to easily install Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels.

How to Easily Install Windows on My Mac in a Virtual Machine with Parallels

It is that with this new virtual machine manager, which is used for Mac Os computers and the best thing about this application is that it has its own assistant to lead new users by the hand. Is that technological advances grow like foam and create new tools to solve complex problems.

This may seem very strange to you, easily installing Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels. But I can guarantee you that it is very normal and easy to use, of course with the help of our tutorial. Next we are going to explain the steps you are going to take to get into the virtual machine wave.

How to easily install Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels

The option that they will be able to use to   easily install Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels . It will allow us to have the Windows operating system on our Mac computer and use its useful applications. If you carefully follow the following instructions you will be able to do it very easily.

To begin with, we want to tell you that there are many other applications that you can download and use to install a virtual machine on your computer. But we are going to teach you to do it with an application that he calls Parallels. In the following link you can download it directly to your Mac without complications.

This application comes in version 8 that is compatible with Windows 8, but we can also download for any other version of Windows. You can also install it for other operating systems and even for other Mac Os computers. we are going to proceed to download and install the program on our computer.

Once this operation is done, we are going to execute it, when you do this a window will appear asking you to Install Windows from the DVD or image file. Or you can also select the option to Migrate Windows from a PC. You make clip in the option that by preference should be in insert disk or image.

When you do this, the Insert Installation Disc window and the Install from options will appear, where you can do it from a CD or DVD ROM. You can also do it from an image file. And finally you can choose the option to continue without disk. And then you must make a clip to continue and the installation will begin.

At the end of the installation, the version of Windows that you have installed will appear on the screen , now you click to start. Next you will observe that the whole process will start when you turn on a computer that works with the Windows operating system. You can review all its components and applications and you can verify that they are exactly the same. It should be noted that just as you can customize your Mac with Windows, it will also be possible to place the Mac bar in Windows 10 .

Easy to get on Mac

As you can see, this program is simply incredible and you can get the same with the other applications that offer you how to install  Windows on my Mac from a virtual machine . You can have access to Microsoft Office, where you will find its different programs such as the word editor Word.

Also the Exel calculation editor, as well as Power Point, among others , you will also find the Notepad and many accessories that only belong to this operating system. As you can see, this application is very useful because it is like having two totally different computers in one.

Truly, there are many things that we can know and those that will be missing to make our world a place without many complications. And in this way, using the indications given in this tutorial, you have known and learned how to easily install Windows on my Mac in a virtual machine with Parallels.


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