How to easily insert and edit text in a presentation in Prezi

Prezi is a very useful program to create professional presentations quickly and easily. This tool is free so it is really worth a try.

This program is very similar to Power Point with the difference that in Prezi you don’t make slides, but a single presentation that jumps from one concept to another in a very dynamic way.

It is, without a doubt, a very useful tool for school and university presentations, since the interface is dynamic and easy to use. However, as it is not known to many users, they do not know how it works and what it is capable of achieving.

One of the main functions that Prezi can do and that everyone who wants to use this tool should know is to  edit videos insert images   and texts in presentations .

In case you do not know how to insert or edit text and want to learn, you have come to the right place, because in this article we will explain quickly and concisely how to use Prezi and how to insert or edit texts in any presentation.

How to insert a text in Prezi?

Before making any presentation, it is advisable to create a Prezi account, since this way you will have access to many very useful functions and you can easily insert and edit text.

One of the most common and used functions in Prezi is to add text and in order to achieve this the first thing to do is double-click anywhere on the artboard where you want to add it. With the written text you can start to personalize it your way.

In case you put a text in the wrong place and you don’t like it, you can right click and delete it by selecting the delete option.

How to edit a text in Prezi?

In case you don’t like the text but you don’t want to delete it, but rather modify it, you can right-click and select the edit text option, right next to delete. Among the options that will be displayed we have the power to change the font style, size and color.

Enlarge or reduce a text

In the same way, you can expand the size with the + and – options that appear in the menu after clicking on the text. We can also move the text around by clicking on the hand that is between the + and – options.

Clicking on the text will display a toolbar. In this bar we will see an option of a large and a small A. When pressing the big one the letter will increase, while if we press the small one, the letter will decrease its size.

Another option to enlarge the text is to click on the text, select one of the corners, and drag to enlarge or shrink to reduce.

Simply select the hand option and then grab the text to move it anywhere in the workspace.

Rotate a text in Prezi

In each of the corners you will see that a small circle is generated. If we press it and move the mouse we will see that the text will begin to rotate . This option is useful to generate a slant effect in texts.

Typefaces in Prezi

When selecting a text we will see that a menu of tools will be displayed, among which we will be able to see three types of letters (The title, the subtitle and the body).

In case some fonts appear that you don’t like, you can always modify them by clicking edit and then the customize button located at the top of the screen.

We will see that depending on the theme we choose, the font and background will change. The variety of themes is very wide, so the letter variants is also quite varied.

In case you don’t like any theme, you can always go back to the beginning by selecting the revert to original option.

Change the text color

Clicking on the text will display a menu of options and next to the A that increases and decreases the size we will find a box of the color of our text. Clicking on that box will display a wide range of colors to choose from


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