How to easily insert and edit images in Prezi from the Internet

Prezi has become an incredible tool for developing and creating presentations . Its popularity has increased so much that it has become the quintessential program to carry out this type of task, even surpassing Power Point.

Although it looks complicated, it is not at all. Working with Prezi speeds up the creation of the presentation and the results are very professional, so if you did not know Prezi, it is a good time to create an account and start taking advantage of the benefits of inserting and editing texts and videos  that this program offers.

Despite the popularity that Prezi has gained in recent years, many users are still unaware of it and therefore do not know how to use it. For this reason, in this article we will explain one of the basic functions that Prezi offers, which is to easily insert and edit images.

How to insert images in Prezi?

The truth is that it is quite easy to insert images in Prezi. In fact, there are 3 different alternatives that the program offers us to be able to insert any type of images. These are: From our own computer, from Google images and from the Prezi gallery.

To begin with, the first thing to note is that Prezi supports images in JPG, PNG, PDF, and non-animated GIF formats , as animated GIFs recently lost support for Prezi .

To insert an image we must go to the topic in which we want to place the image, click and then go to the main menu, located at the top of the screen, select the insert option and then choose image. We look for the corresponding image, we give it to accept and we wait for it to load.

Once the image is in the Prezi theme, we can position ourselves on it and see how the cursor changes shape, if we click and hold on it, we can move it wherever we want.

It should be noted that when we place the image right in the center of the subject, a yellow guide line will appear that will indicate that this is the center of the place.

How to edit images in Prezi?

There are several ways to edit your images in Prezi. The first and most basic thing is the possibility of resizing them.

To be able to change the size of the images we have to click on it and we will see that a square will be formed in each corner. By long clicking on any of the squares and moving the mouse, the image will be enlarged or reduced.

Rotate images

Another way to reshape images is to rotate them to create a tilt effect. To achieve this effect we will have to press the Alt Gr key, located just to the left of the space bar. On the other hand, if you have a MAC, you must press the CMD command.

Holding Alt gr and going to any corner of the image, a cursor with two arrows will appear. Click on it and move the mouse anywhere to rotate the image.

Copy and paste images

Copying and pasting images is really easy, because just like you do to copy text, you can also do it in Prezi. By clicking on the image and using the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C you can copy the image. On the other hand, by pressing Ctrl + V you can paste the image wherever you want.

Replace image

Another function that you can perform with Prezi is to replace the image. This option is particularly useful when you get the wrong image and want to change it to the correct one.

To be able to replace the image in Prezi, you must right click on the image you want to change and select the option to replace image.

And look in your gallery for the image you want to place. After selecting it, you will see that the new image will replace the previous one.

Layered images

In case we are working with more than one image, we can superimpose them in layers. Layers work to tell Prezi the order in which the images will be placed.

If you have several images within a concept you can make one be ahead of the other, generating a depth effect. To do this you must right click on any of them and select bring to the front.


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