How to easily create databases, tables and records in SQL Server

Being the administrator or information staff of a company, it is essential to create a database to obtain quick and easy access each time it is necessary to consult some content related to a specific topic.

As regards databases, they are known as a set of programs that work independently of a specific type of language.

This software is responsible for storing and organizing important data on a topic , in order to be able to access it in later situations that warrant it.

Creating a database is an essential factor within any company, institution or project that is related to information management, since in this way it can facilitate its visualization and study.

For those whose computers work with the Windows operating system, it is good to let them know that there is a program called Microsoft SQL Server that allows to fulfill the functions mentioned above.

It should be noted that despite requiring knowledge of a language on the basis of which the software works, this program has no complications and through this article you will learn to use it.

How is SQL Server capable of creating a database?

The developers of this program were in charge of configuring it as a management system for relational databases, in order to facilitate the work of the users who use it and improve the way in which several computers can be interconnected .

Since its functional language is Transact-SQL, this software is able to create relationships between the tables created and to manipulate or retrieve the data they contain.

Currently, its compatibility has increased, to the point where SQL Server can be used within computers running Linux and Docker.

Steps to create a database from scratch from SQL Server

If you have installed the software locally on the computer, you can start by opening SQL Server Management Studio to display the main program window.

To start the database that will contain all the information, it will be necessary to start a window that allows you to enter commands. Therefore, you must click on the ” New Query “ button found on the toolbar.

There, you must execute the command through ” Create database x “ where “X” is the name that it will take and will make it appear automatically in the window. This command must be selected and press the ” Execute ” button to create a database correctly.

On the left side of the screen you will be able to have a menu, which every time you refresh it, it will update you the number of databases that have been created, and the information that each one contains.

Design a table of information to be stored between the objects in the database

The first content that you can create and add to your data root is an information table, which is the most recommended to organize information in an optimal way .

Since a table is made up of columns and rows, within SQL Server each column is considered an attribute and each row an information record.

It should be noted that within each column it is necessary to assign a name, within which reference will be made to the type of data that will be stored. Therefore, the following syntax must be entered to create a table:

  • CREATE TABLE tablename
    columnname1 datatype1,
    columnname2 datatype2,
    columnname3 datatype3,


Among the aspects that must be fulfilled, the names that must be defined by the user stand out, whose parameter allows the use of characters used in the directories and with a number of 128 letters .

On the other hand, the comma that must be placed at the end of each column (except for the last one), so that they can be separated from the following.

After establishing each of these aspects, it will only be necessary to save it and let the users begin to enter the information that will be stored there.

In case you need to query the data later, you can run the command ” exec sp_columns tablename ” which will make SQL Server open it automatically.


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