How to easily convert or convert an ISO file to an EXE file

If you are in doubt about how to convert or convert an ISO file to an EXE file easily , we recommend that you read the following guide carefully. Here, we will answer your questions and clear up some confusion regarding files in ISO format.

How to easily convert or convert an ISO file to an EXE file

Many people believe that it is possible to convert an ISO file to EXE. The truth is that this is not possible . In most cases this confusion arises because it is not known that it is actually a file in ISO format.

What is a file in ISO format?

A file in ISO format contains the information of a CD / DVD / Bluray or any other disc distribution. However, an image in ISO format is sometimes pointed out as an exact copy of a specific file system.

Actually, both definitions are real since an ISO file contains the exact information from a disk. In this case, said information is stored in a single file in the style of a Zip document.

There is the possibility of converting files to other formats just like converting a RAR file into an ISO image . Either way, it is necessary to use a program for this purpose. For this reason, we recommend using specific software in order to view files stored in an ISO.

In most circumstances it is necessary to use a program to open these types of files. Given this, there are many possibilities that depend specifically on the environment in which you move, be it Windows or any other operating system.


It is an application that serves to properly open files in ISO format. This procedure is similar to creating and mounting an ISO image with Daemon Tools . Therefore, WinCDEmu is one of the most recommended options for Windows users. In addition, its weight is very low, so you can get it very quickly.

You can download the tool completely free of charge through the official website wincdemu . Once on the page, simply click on the “free download” button and on the next screen click on “DOWNLOAD”.

After the above, the download of the program will begin. Now, you must run the installer so that the application can be used on your computer. For this, run the installer, as you will see the options are in English, but you should not do large configurations. Just click on “Install” and the process will be done automatically.

Use WinCDEmu application instead of converting ISO file to EXE file easily

As we pointed out before, WinCDEmu is a program for opening ISO disk files . The tool stands out for its low weight and its great ease of use. Even so, if you have doubts, read the following guide to start using it properly:

  1. Go to the location of your file in ISO format.
  2. Right click on it and then on the option “Select drive letter & mount” .
  3. The WinCDEmu application screen will be displayed. There, you will need to select any letter with which the virtual drive will be created. When selecting the letter, click on “OK”.
  4. After the above, the CD image will be mounted and will appear reflected in “Equipment”. To access the information in the file in ISO format, all you have to do is go to that folder.

As we pointed out before, an ISO file contains the exact information from a disk. With the WinCDEmu application you will be able to emulate a virtual disk drive, with which you will be able to access all the information present in your ISO as you would see it on the original disk. If you do not have a Windows operating system, you can easily mount an ISO image using other tools such as Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.


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