How to easily change and color correct a video in Premiere

The settings related to changing and correcting the color of a video are intended to improve the production that will be shown to third parties. Which is generally desired to have the most appropriate and professional appearance possible.

The Adobe company has been in charge of covering all areas related to what editing is concerned, so the video section could not be overlooked.

That was when Adobe Premiere emerged , a software designed to perfect everything related to the area of ​​audiovisual files and multimedia content.

Thanks to this, it acquires the recognition of being one of the best and most popular programs. But if it has been difficult for you to adjust the colors, in this article you will learn how to achieve it.

What do you need to know about the effects to correct the color of a video?

This is one of the broadest aspects related to modifying a video. Provided that all are related to the color and degree of illumination of the image or when centering the images .

Everything is because these parameters are the main indicators to obtain an ideal result, especially when the correct perception of the content is affected.

One of the most useful tools that Adobe Premiere maintains is the possibility of dividing the screen and playing two videos simultaneously and generating a double window that establishes a comparison between the modifications, during or after having selected the adjustments to correct the color of a video.

Another advantage of this program is that each of these effects are certified of high quality , which can be programmed through a control panel.

Main effects of Adobe Premiere to correct the color of a video

Before beginning to make the desired edits on the video, many professionals recommend making sure to use a screen that is correctly calibrated . With the purpose that there is no distortion during the perception of it.

Similarly, it is also ideal to use each of the effects in relation to the timelines. So that each of the changes can be adjusted appropriately. Therefore, to begin correcting the color of a video it will only be necessary to access the effects control panel , within which is the color section.

After indicating the exemplary timeline to make the necessary configurations, you can choose to use any of the functions achieved by the following effects:

Definition of tonal range

This option is responsible for establishing the modifications around the areas that are covered by shadows , or those that deserve to be highlighted through the value of a tone.

Secondary color correction

To play directly with the colored skins, you can press the triangle icon to access the control panel for this effect. Through this function, it is possible to modify the degree of exposure of a specific color range .

Either to define a single color or that group on which the adjustment will be made, the eyedropper tool is used to define them appropriately.

Options for adjusting color lighting

An important aspect when correcting the color of a video is the degree of illumination that the color itself receives . So it can be modified through different means:

  • The main option is through curve effects. Where you can change the degree of wave through the clicks that are made with the computer mouse.
  • On the other hand, they can also be leveled through the adjustments of the black , gray and white colors , the quick color correction or luminance correction.

Among the numbers of effects available within Adobe Premiere we could make an infinite number of articles to cover them all. Well, saturation and color projection is also included in this. If, if necessary, your final video has a lot of weight, it is also possible to reduce it from Premiere .

However, just by manipulating the necessary aspects within your video you will be able to obtain the professional and high quality result that you hope to demonstrate to the world. It’s that simple to change and correct the color of a video in Adobe Premiere.


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