How to easily add or create users in bulk in Office 365

Office work has changed enormously since computers came to every cubicle or worker. Before, creating a document through typewriters and other implements by hand could be a somewhat long process and without room for much error or editing, this being very common in the second generation of computers .

Today, thankfully, you have the personal computers to do much of this work that in the past was a great burden. For this, we rely on the use of different computer programs that help us to do all this, such as different office automation suites.

Now, the most important and famous office suite, it may be Microsoft Office , since it has everything you need to do all kinds of work. It ranges from a program to write documents in the form of Word, to a program for spreadsheets with Excel.

Therefore, with suites like this, many of the work landscape has changed a lot with the passing of time, especially since Microsoft implemented Office 365, which is perfect for companies or groups of people with a craving for the suite. Office.

As such Office 365 is a subscription service that can be purchased to get the Office suite and other add-ons. It is designed for students, homes, and especially businesses; Since the moment workers are needed with their hands on Word or Excel , they can be given all the credentials for it.

In fact, Office 365 has the option of adding users in bulk, and then giving their credentials to the service to each one in a very simple way; you just have to follow the following tutorial.

Adding user to Office 365

It’s safe to say that when you’re on a work project, your colleagues will also need to access the same programs and resources as you, just like Microsoft Office.

For this reason, Office 365 ends up being a good option, since you can add other people to the service and let them have access to the office of the same. To be able to do this, you only have to have the pertinent data of each person that you are going to add and follow the following steps:

  • Start by logging into Microsoft 365 , it doesn’t matter if you have a work or school account; and then enter the “Administration Center”, where you must select the option “Choose users” and then enter “Assets”.
  • Once here, you will have to click on the option “Add multiple users”, and once with the “Import multiple users” panel on the screen, you will have to import a CVS file by clicking on “Browse”, which should to have all the user data.
  • Remember that you can download an example file to be able to follow what it says regarding the data that you are going to put in the CVS file , taking into account that the mandatory data are the username, first name, last name and first name for to show.
  • Once you have uploaded it, the panel will tell you if a new subscription is needed for new users, if there is a problem with the CVS file and if everything is ok. Now, just enter ” Set user options ” and set their login status as “Allowed”.
  • After this, and after assigning the product license that each new user will have, you can click on ” See the result ” if you want to send everything to the users or another user, including the passwords.

What is a CVS format?

In order to follow the process that we talked about earlier, you have to get a CVS file , which is a format that you can create in Excel when you click on ” Save as ” and is characterized by being a lot of data separated by commas. Remember that you can follow the example that Office 365 shows you to download when you have to upload your own CVS file.


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