How to Easily Activate God Mode in Windows 10

Did you know that you can have Windows 10 under your control? It may sound strange, but it is something very interesting that is available in this operating system and that will open the doors to a world of options. If you want to know more about this, stay and finish reading the whole topic  how to easily activate god mode in Windows 10 – Step by step.

In case you are not very clear about what God mode is , then we recommend you investigate and in this way you can understand very well what God mode is before using it.

What is god mode in Windows 10

It can be said that the Windows god mode is a mechanism with which you will have wide access to customizations and settings within this operating system. It is, so to speak, “a master key” that will allow you to have unlimited access to any configuration within Windows in a simple and fast way.

With this god mode, you can configure anything simple, such as hiding or showing icons on the desktop , to advanced settings of the programs within the computer. Something interesting in this mode is that you can access at least 200 shortcuts to different Windows functionalities that go beyond the limits of imagination.

As there are so many configurations that you will find with God mode, to make it easier for you to find a specific one, these are separated into categories. Some of these categories are:

Taskbar and navigation, color management, accessibility center, user accounts, file history, mouse. Also power and internet options, programs and features, security and maintenance, sound, keyboard, among other categories.

How to easily activate god mode in Windows 10

To activate god mode, no extensions, programs or anything like that are needed, rather, it only takes a couple of minutes of your time.

The first thing you should do is log in as an administrator in Windows , if you are already logged in, skip this step. The second thing you will do is go to the desktop, and you must right click> New> Folder .

Now that we have our new folder, we rename it to God Mode, GodMode, Jedi Mode (whatever you want), followed by the characters {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} . Putting it into practice, your folder should look like this: God Mode {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

These characters should not be changed for the mode to activate correctly. After you change the name of the folder, it changes its icon and color, turning into a blue box with the name you have placed on it.

And this is it, you already have your god mode active, but now what? Well, double click on the folder to open it. Then you will finally have access to infinities of settings in Windows 10, but there is a danger.

Beware !: the dangers of god mode in Windows 10

There is a danger in all this God mode and it is not exactly due to the activation of this mode. And the danger comes from how you use this mode, since although this mode allows you to access and configure simple aspects, you will also access sensitive matters.

The handle incorrectly these programs and files may be that alter the proper functioning of your computer and even ruin it permanently.

The best advice to avoid this is not to touch files and folders where you do not know what you are doing. Playing expert could stem from tragedy, stress, and money you will spend buying another computer or repairing the one you already have.

With all this we do not want to scare you by using the god mode, since in itself it is something legitimate and safe, we simply warn you to be careful. Do not configure anything if you are not sure what you are doing, that will save you a lot of problems and you can take advantage of the easier options in god mode.

Did you notice how easy it was to activate god mode? When you activate this on your Windows 10 PC you will see how everything is easier. With god mode, you will have complete control of Windows and can go beyond the basic configuration of Windows 10 . With god mode , you can feel like a true almighty, at least with your compute


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