How to easily access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook?

Everyone knows that Mac computers are among the most recognized on the planet, this is due in part to the materials with which they were created, and also to their powerful software. That is why learning about them is very important, with that in mind today you will see How to access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook?

And, if you want to talk about good technology brands, you can never put aside the Apple company, which is one of the pioneers in the creation of many advances that are enjoyed today. This brand is incredibly popular, however, many people do not squeeze the full potential of their products due to ignorance.

Before starting the tutorial, it is recommended to update the software on my macOS PC to the latest version , so that all the options that will be exposed below will appear.

What is BIOS or EFI?

In order for you to begin the process that will help you access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook, you must know what the BIOS is and what it is used for. This is a chip that is placed on the motherboard of any computer , and basically it is the one that dictates how the operating system of the device will behave.

The BIOS are used by the Windows operating system, the equivalent in apple products (MacBook), it is called EFI, which stands for extensible manufacturer program interface.

It is important to enter it, since, from there, specific changes can be made to the system that controls the computer.

However, such changes should be done by a professional or expert, because if a newbie tries to change something , it can create instability in the whole system.


This means that your PC could stop working. Having to take it to someone to repair it, spending money that you did not have planned or that you may not directly have (you can directly damage the firmware of the equipment in question).

Access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook

With everything you learned above, you are finally ready to begin the process in question. So, the first thing you have to do is turn off your device by choosing the button with the same name, that is ” Turn off “.

Once you have done that, proceed to turn on the MacBook again (you must wait until it is completely off of course).

Now and before the system starts, you must press the following keys at the same time: ” Command “, ” Option “, “O” and last but not least ” F “.

Leave them pressed until you get the box that will allow you to enter the commands you want. With that everything will be ready, so you now know how to access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook, quickly and easily.

Force shutdown of a MAC

With the answer to the initial question already clear, as a little extra, you will see how you can force the shutdown of a MAC in a few steps.

This will work for you if the device has completely hung up and won’t let you do anything (which can happen if you mess with the firmware a lot without knowing).

The first thing is to try to get the MAC to react without turning it off, for this you must use the key combination: ” Command “, ” Option ” and ” ESC “.


That should allow you to close the app that’s causing you problems. In the event that it does not work, then proceed to leave the power button pressed for a few seconds.

If this fails to turn off or defrost in any way, press and hold the ignition again, but this time along with the ” Command ” and ” Control ” keys , that action should immediately restart the computer.

And voila, with the latter not only has it become clear to you how to access or enter the BIOS of a MacBook. But also, you will know what to do if at some point your computer freezes (for whatever reason), now go and try the tricks learned today.

If with this you have not been satisfied with the information about MACs, then you should find more information about them, placing in your browser how to increase the storage space of a MacBook , or how to delete a user or group account , so that you know everything you can do with this powerful device.


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