How to earn money playing Binamon?

Currently, on the internet there are various games that use blockchain technology, among those games we can find Axie Infinity , which is one of the most popular. We also find Binamon, one of the newest, but that over time more people join it, as we already know it is not news that through these games we can earn money .

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  1. How much does it initially cost to enter to play in Binamon?
  2. What are the best Binamons that we can buy to win?
  3. How do you earn money playing at Binamon?
  4. ¿Cuánto dinero podemos llegar a ganar con Binamon?
  5. How can I withdraw the money that I have earned within Binamon?

How much does it initially cost to enter to play in Binamon?

If you are thinking of investing in the very named Binamon game, but you do not know how much it costs, here at Look How It Is Made we will help you solve all your doubts . Before telling you how much money you should invest at the time of starting the game, it is good that you know the cryptocurrencies that said game handles among them, we have the BMON or also called Binamon tokens, another that we can find is the BNRG.

The first expense or investment in the game is in the Z1 binamons, these binamons are located in the third package, and you will notice that unlike the Binamon package or pack, you must pay an amount with Z1 when buying one.

The Z1 binamons are the lowest cost and therefore the most accessible, if you buy these packages the monsters they give you are randomly. If you are lucky, you can get good binamons, that is, strong ones, or else it can happen otherwise and get weak binamons.

It should be noted that you can also buy them on Discord by going to the P2P channel Z1, there you can find Binamons Z1 codes and thus be able to make the purchase as a Marketplace. This way you can choose the binamon Z1 and thus ensure a good monster for the game.

The package of the Z1 binamoms has a price of 1200 Z1, that is, they are 400 tokens or BMON. It is necessary to know the value of the BMON token in order to determine how much it would cost to start the game.

What are the best Binamons that we can buy to win?

One aspect to take into account is that the duration of the game consists of 1 hour that you have per binamons Z1, also  per account you can use a total of 6 binamons.

The game consists of fighting against other players and each hit you receive from an enemy will make the bar go down and when the time is up you will not be able to play again until the next day.

That is why the binamon you compete with is very important, so here we will leave you some of the most important characteristics that binamons must have so that you can win all your games.

The first characteristic that you should look at when choosing a binamon is the shield, which goes from 10 to 100, so select a binamon that meets a good amount of life or shield. If your binamon has a good shield, the blows you receive will not decrease the time so much and thus you will last much longer in the games , the shield is located in the upper part on the right.

Another important characteristic is the attack, and this goes from 1 to 12 so, if your binamon has enough attack it will make you much faster to beat the opponent. We also have another kind of attack which is the rarity and this goes in the same way as the previous one, from 1 to 12, and  the binamon that has the number 5 being stronger.

To understand this better, let’s look at an example: If there is a binamon with 9 defense, class 1 and with attack 4, said binamon will be weaker than the binamon that has 9 defense, class 3 and 4 attack. So apart from attack and defense, you should also look very well at the type of class that the binamon has.

And the last characteristic to take into account are the elements that the binamon has, among them we can find only 6 elements to this day, some of these are: light, water, quantum and physical forest.

How do you earn money playing at Binamon?

The first thing you should keep in mind about binamon is that it gives you one hour so that you can accumulate enough points and in order to accumulate these points you must beat the opponents; For this you must make combinations and try to make mistakes as little as possible.

You also have to complete missions that are in the lower left so that you can go to the next level, every time you go to other levels you will find much stronger monsters; but if you manage to defeat these monsters they will also give you more points. When you are playing it is recommended that you have a stable internet connection to avoid inconveniences, such as losing a game.

Binamon, in terms of its operation, is very similar to other games, where there are also amounts of tokens which are distributed among the community . So the purpose of the players is to get as many points as possible each day in order to receive more tokens.

Every day you can see that the points you make return to 0, and in the rewards part you will get the BMON tokens , which are the tokens with which you can buy a package. You can withdraw these rewards after 15 days, this time cannot be less than the established time.

How much money can we earn with Binamon?

If we already know how the Binamon game works, it is time for you to ask yourself how much money you can win, and in this article we will answer that question. It should be noted that everything will depend on how you perform in the game and there is no completely concrete answer, but we will give you an estimate.

For example, if a person scores 9,000 points, they will receive 35 Z1. What you are going to earn will also depend a lot on the price of the token or BMON, if at least it has a value of $ 0.57 the person would be earning $ 5.5 per day, that is, $ 165 per month.

You should also bear in mind that the time you are going to invest to play must be planned, since many people do not have the full time to achieve the points. But you can manage yourself and play for fifteen minutes to half an hour a day and thus get the necessary points .

How can I withdraw the money that I have earned within Binamon?

Binamon has a web page to withdraw your money , once there you will get the points that you have accumulated and next to these points you will find an option that says withdraw , you just have to click on it. If the option does not come out, don’t worry, this is because you must wait 15 days after starting the game.


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