How to earn items in Dota 2 without spending money

Just as there are the tools like the bow and arrow in the very popular Minecraft game, the items are for the heroes or characters of the Dota 2 game ; Each character has an inventory to carry with him the different items he gets during a game.

Therefore, the items represent a very important part in the development, both of the game and of the hero who carries them in his inventory. In this article we will talk about the items and how to get them , as well as if it is possible to obtain them without buying them.

What are items in Dota 2 and what are they for in the game?

The items in Dota 2 are a type of tools that the hero (player) can carry with him to face the game or play on the battlefield, benefiting from the characteristics and potential that the items can grant.

In addition to the powers that all heroes have by nature, regardless of the type of hero we are talking about, there are these items or tools to use them, serving them as other powers or repowering their natural characteristics.

For example, in a hero of an intelligent nature, he will need to obtain items for his condition, increasing his characteristic or intelligence specification, resulting in a better performance in the game, within the combats.

Of course, it should be noted that for a good development of the hero, the player must have other conditions where he is allowed to play comfortably, without advantages or technical failures. That is why many times to run this heavy game it is necessary to optimize and accelerate the PC to the maximum.

In short, the items are tools that make heroes more versatile and allow them to play or fight in a better way against the opponents of the game. For this reason, it is mandatory for every player to get the items that his hero needs, because failure to do so would harm his team and make him lose.

How to win or what is the way to get the items for our hero in Dota 2?

We must remember that each player has a specific amount of money throughout the game, from the beginning (with a little assigned to him) until the end of the game, they have more money, which they have obtained while playing.

The way to get this money is through the process of the game and everything related to it. Money can be obtained by killing your opponent’s creatures , killing animals or creatures found in the forest (also called creeps), and killing the opposing team’s heroes. In this way he accumulates his money to buy the items.

It is a process similar to obtaining resources such as diamonds in Minecraft for making tools in the game.

The hero then who is collecting or adding his money (gold) will acquire the requirements that the recipes ask for in the preparation of the different items that they may need during the game. In other words, step by step the player must buy items that are part of larger items, and this is done from the stores that exist in each of the ‘houses’.

Is it possible to earn items in Dota 2 without spending money easily?

As you can infer, the items are obtained through a monetary exchange , like everything in that life, and that will depend on the amount of money the hero has: if he has no money, or has very little, he simply cannot buy an item .

However, there are other ways that items can be obtained without paying. A little knowledge about the game is necessary here, so we will briefly explain what it is about.

Every time a hero dies, that is to say they kill him, his body remains on the ground as well as certain items such as gems; then the nearby hero could take it for himself.

And there are some items that can be transferred, either from an opponent or an ally. However, very few have these characteristics.

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