How to dye or stain leather armor in Minecraft

Despite being such a popular game, Minecraft is widely known for not explaining its mechanics to the player. A little-known mechanic, even among advanced players, is dyeing leather armor . Therefore, today we explain how to do it.

How to Dye or Dye a Leather Armor in Minecraft

Dyeing and staining

Minecraft has many mechanics that are purely aesthetic. Tinted panels, blocks of polished materials, blocks of bricks, colored sheep, etc… But one of the best and most beautiful is that of dyes.

The dyes are 16 objects that allow you to beautify various things by changing their color. For example, you can change the color of dog and cat collars; and you can change the text color of a poster. If you are reading this article, you are probably interested in dying or staining armor. For that you will need to make or get dyes , and know how dyes work in general.

How are the dyes obtained?

Some dyes can be found in village chests, fortresses, sunken ships, and abandoned mines ; but most are made by the same player. Primary dyes can be obtained from items in the game world; here we offer you a list of objects and the dyes they produce. To produce the dye, simply put the object on a crafting table.

  • Bone powder and lily of the valley: White Tint
  • White tulip, daisy and azure bluet (Rubiacea): Light Gray Tint
  • Wither Rose and Ink Sack: Black Dye
  • Poppy, rose bush, red tulip and beet: Red Tint
  • Orange Tulip: Orange Tint
  • Dandelion and Sunflower: Yellow Tint
  • Blue Orchid: Light Blue Tint
  • Lapis Lazuli: Blue Tint
  • Allium and lilac: Magenta Tint
  • Pink Tulip and Peony: Pink Tint
  • Cocoa beans: Brown Tint

It should be noted that bone powder, ink sacks and lapis lazuli can be used as dyes without the need to convert them to dye as such. Additionally, other dyes can be created by combining the primary dyes with each other. The green dye can be obtained by cooking a cactus in an oven, and the lime green dye can be obtained by cooking a sea cucumber. Also, making your own oven to cook these things is very simple.

How do you dye a leather armor?

If you already have the dye of the color you want, now you need to learn how to dye things. There are many things that can be dyed, but since the article is about armor, we will concentrate on them.

If you want to learn more about dyes, we invite you to investigate all the things you can dye. For example, you can make tinted glass panels so that your doors or windows are very original. Dyeing leather armor is actually very easy, just put the armor and dye in the color of your choice on the crafting table.

Note that you can use more than one dye on each armor piece. Also, you can dye the same armor piece many times with the same colors, or using different ones. For this reason, there are 12,326,391 color combinations that a piece of armor can have, according to the Minecraft encyclopedia.

The game will calculate the color of the armor using an interesting, but complicated formula that takes into account the RGB value of each tint color that was used.


Cauldrons are objects in Minecraft that are crafted with iron . It is very simple to make a cauldron , and inside you can put water until it is full, and then use that water in different ways until it is empty.

Cauldrons are mostly used in potion making, but they have many other uses as well, including the process of dyeing armor. In the Bedrock edition of Minecraft, it is possible to dye the water in a cauldron by “Using” the dye on it. An armor can then be dyed by “Using” each piece on the cauldron with dyed water.

Also, in each version of Minecraft, the cauldron can be used to wash the leather armor and remove the color . Keep in mind that by doing this you will have lost the dye you used.

Horse armor

Leather horse armor is very useful as it is the only type that can be created on a table. These armor can be dyed just like any normal armor.


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