How to drag and insert pictures from the Internet to PowerPoint?

Dragging images from the Internet to PowerPoint can be the easiest way to create presentations without the need for a large database. You can also create more dynamic presentations by adding videos to your slides, animating a character or using the animation and transition tool.

You can take an image without downloading it, use it in your presentation and avoid annoying download time and storage space .

How to add images from the Internet to PowerPoint?

Well, this is an excessively simple task, it may take you longer to understand this tutorial, than it will take you from now on to make your presentations. Many people go through complicated processes to get an image from the Internet , which includes downloading and saving them to their computer.

But, with this method that we explain below, your work will be a matter of seconds and you will not take up more space than necessary on your computer. Anyway, in case you want to give it a try, we also briefly explain how to save and insert images from the Internet to PowerPoint.

Use Internet pictures in PowerPoint without downloading

First, enter your favorite browser and look for the images you want to use, once you have selected all of them, it only remains to use them in the slides. Preferably use high resolution images , this improves the look.

For this, you must right-click on the image you want to use and select the option “Copy image”, this will leave the image on the clipboard. Now, go to PowerPoint and select the slide where the image will go, with the game keys to paste “Ctrl + V” paste the image, you only have to adjust it.

Once you get the right place, save the presentation, this will join the image to the presentation and it will not be damaged when sharing it with other users.

Download images from the internet to use in PowerPoint

The procedure begins the same as the previous one, only that instead of selecting “Copy image”, you must click on “Save image as …”.

This will display the save menu, select a location and name for the image and save it, inserting it into PowerPoint is very fast and easy. You will have two options to do the insert, first, you can click on the “Insert” tab in PowerPoint and select the image with the appropriate menu.

The second way is quite simple, you just have to drag the image from the folder and drop it on the slide where you want it to be located. Edit the size and shape and voila, you will have images in all your presentations.

What makes inserting images from the Internet into PowerPoint so interesting?

The immense compatibility that PowerPoint offers, added to the excellent option of being able to use images, videos, audios and much more in presentations . It makes you the preferred tool to achieve excellence in presentations, regardless of the reason for them, so it is good to understand all the options it offers.

The interest of many people arises from the fact that when inserting images from the internet, it is not necessary to store them and they become part of the presentation space .

In addition, you can get high-quality images and edit directly within PowerPoint , without having done a single download of additional programs.

Many times, creating a presentation with images of an internal path in the computer can present a problem when it is taken out of there and spread. This is one of the most important things why bringing images from the Internet to PowerPoint can be an excellent idea for any exhibitor.

Both at work and in universities and colleges, it is necessary to spread our presentations, either with teachers or bosses, or with colleagues in the environment. Therefore, keep in mind that you must handle the best option so that your presentation is not damaged and the images on the internet are one of the best.

Once you have inserted the image into your PowerPoint presentation, you can adjust the size , change the color, retouch it or put frames on it.


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